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  1. jay_seconds

    Episode 156 — He Can Get It!

    The space that existed where Howard was processing the fact that he and Retta went to the same HS was the best.
  2. jay_seconds

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    I am a big Pete Holmes fan but there was HIGH levels of Pete. Super funny moments throughout, though. Scott was at his best being wry with Pete, and Jon Gabrus was really great. If you didn't like Pete on this, then don't ever listen to him on Doug Loves Movies, where his disruption knows no bounds.
  3. jay_seconds

    Episode 143 — Normies

    Howard - Please don't deprive the world of your Lee impression. Its supplied the world with more joy than the real Lee ever has (cheap shot). Also, haven't heard Sloppy Timmy in a while. Gotta go.
  4. jay_seconds

    Episode 139.5 — 08/02/13 TWO CHARTED 78

    Howard dropping mad zoology knowledge. "A Picasso - it's not as good as an Octopus." It's fucking true!
  5. jay_seconds

    Episode 135.5 — 07/05/2013 TWO CHARTED 74

    Awesome! Death rules, many of their tracks remind me of a missing link between the Stooges and the Bad Brains, while some of the tunes remind me of a punk Thin Lizzy. Great music for Summah.
  6. jay_seconds

    Episode 167 — S.H.A.R.P.

    Most skinheads are not racist and have a strong dislike for Neo-Nazis. I would distance myself from any racists as well. In the grand scope, most skinheads are into boring shit like spinning old reggae records and drinking beer and pretending they are English. Racist skins have been causing havoc in the states in the 80s so im not going to change any minds. The skinhead scene is world wide and huge in Japan and Europe. In America, one of the most popular skinhead bands, The Templars from NYC, features two African American skins who have been involved in the scene since the early 90s. In summation, its a complex scene where stereotypes and rumors run rampant. Many skinheads are assholes anyway, so it all evens out, I guess.
  7. jay_seconds

    Episode 167 — S.H.A.R.P.

    Skinhead = late 60s to now Sharps= 1980s to now Most skins dress pretty nice with Fred Perry and Ben Sherman shit, amongst other overtly expensive brands. You are mistaking dudes that are referred to as "boneheads", but skinheads have a wide variety of beliefs and backgrounds. Skinhead scene in the U.S. Has skins of every race, especially a large Latino population.