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    Correction(?): After Earth

    While baboons can swim, due to their muscle mass, it is usually a daunting task for a baboon to be able to save itself from drowning in deep water. Baboons DO have a profound fear of water with any real depth to it and would plausibly not follow into a body of water that they felt would have the slightest chance of being deep enough to drown in. Of course, they do not "hate" water in general and will enjoy playing or relaxing in shallow water just as humans do.
  2. ChrisCruz

    Correction: After Earth

    Just a quick note, baboons DO have a profound fear of deep water. They'll definitely hang out in shallow water, no doubt, and even enjoy playing in it, just as humans do, but they are always very wary of the depth of water because baboons are heavier than humans and that extra poundage is made up of pure muscle. So, baboons drown pretty easily. So, they don't "hate" water, but it is plausible that they are naturally fearful of water enough that you'd be able to get away from a pack of baboons by jumping in a body of water. Just sayin'