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  1. Loved the episode but gets distracting when John Cochran spends the entire last segment searching for one of those new hidden immunity idols (Survivor breaking news ref.).
  2. Dixon you are objectively the most talented person alive.
  3. After yesterday's "Howl" kerfuffle, it's refreshing to just get back to the art.
  4. Bozos, Coincidentally enough, my darkest role was a co-starring one in "Bulletproof Monk." The original script had me playing the Seann William Scott role, but as a CGI monkfish made of kevlar. I am so method, I had to literally embody the characteristics of an ocean bottom-feeder (the darkest part of the sea where those fishes with headlamps linger). Long story short, the studio balked when I kept referring to myself as Stifler in the voice-over room and they eventually retooled the script and cast the real Stifler as Chow Yun-Fat's sidekick. Needless to say, the movie bombed and Yun-Fat never worked in this town again.
  5. This episode really lived up to the hype. My only disappointment is that Cody didn't post any pictures of the roast he was preparing (presumably a rump roast, based on the twerking fiasco).
  6. Not Tacoman

    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    Thanks for keeping us posted.
  7. Not Tacoman

    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    We must know the same people. Good thinking, charge your batteries for #ManicMonday.
  8. Not Tacoman

    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    How's everyone's #SundayFunday looking?
  9. Not Tacoman

    Episode 95 — Mike Still, Our Close Friend

    Is it any surprise that on this, the day of His birth, Sean gifts us with an hour-plus episode?
  10. Bravos all around, guys.
  11. Did everyone catch Hayley on last night's "Review"? Hayes must be so proud. (I also suspect that he wrote her "love" scene.)
  12. Everyone in this forum is helpful and nice.
  13. Big Brother the reality show is cool, but literal Big Brother supervising the ad reads? Paging Dr. Orwell.
  14. First time, long time. I recall some chatter on a recent CBB episode about HH shirts - did I dream that?