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    Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)

    This Chuck Norris opus is 80s action at its finest. Coupled with the fact that I'm pretty sure Chuck Norris thinks he IS a Texas Ranger, there's literally no way to go wrong with this movie. He's just so god damn earnest... Plus, the scenes with Chuck Norris staring down David Carradine before they Karate the shit out of each other are priceless (David Carradine's license plate is "Carate", no joke). And the main bad guy is Midget Orson Welles in an electric wheelchair, whose entrance is amazing. Seriously, there's so much in this movie for you guys! I'm only 45 minutes into it so far, and I've had to rewind a number of times from just breaking down laughing. The people who wrote this script deserve some sort of award.
  2. notknot

    Commando (1985)

    It is an awesome movie that is custom made for this podcast to rip it apart.
  3. notknot

    Episode 25 — The Locker Gifts

    Ugh, can we vote Sarah off the show? Kills the fun every time she opens her mouth.