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  1. gordonmiller

    Iron Sky (2012)

    This might be just so so incredibly terrible, and the themes and plot so frustrating to explore, it would not make a good show, but I will run down some highlights for sake of fascination and disbelief. Secret nazi moon base they escaped to in world war 2 Sarah palin (charicature of) is basically the president A black astronaut/model is turned "white" with nazi whiteface and is our protagonist, its not just weird torture stuff. Giant space battleships and flying saucers Slapstick nazis Its catorgorized as a comedy and has maybe one laugh in a north korea gag, but its more disturbing than anything. It doesn't know were its going and what it wants to say, besides war is bad I guess, but holy shit whomever made it thought they were saying A LOT. I believe its produced in finland. Available on netflix and werever books are sold.
  2. Private message him about his mother if the response is splashed softly with the stains of tears... Then we'll know. I believe he's tying into an improv in the episode. Thanks for all the shows humans that make it happen!
  3. gordonmiller


    Hopefully they'll put some more out before we die ANT. Hang in there the hosts are busy guys and give the show for free. The rest of that essay gets very racist very quickly...
  4. gordonmiller


    Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never is, but always to be blessed: The soul, uneasy and confined from home, Rests and expatiates in a life to come. - Alexander Pope
  5. gordonmiller

    What scenes belong in I4H Best Of Vol. 3??

    First a strong vote for "Mission To Mars" episode 88 please 75 Southern Scatting Gentleman 0:52:17-1:02:01 83 Driving Yellow Jackets 0:21:27-0:34:09 69 Fill My Butt With Air 0:09:36-0:19:51 75 Ski Lodge Racism 0:43:34-0:52:17 75 Albino Hunting Agency 0:33:15-0:43:34 81 Know-It-All Scout 0:26:24-0:36:54 85 Sexual Bonobos 0:21:56-0:33:29 85 Tom Petty's Beard 0:45:09-1:02:26 88 Jesus And The Weird Kid 0:22:47-0:31:35 Going to add some of my own to the list Listening back before the 70's and checking on some ones I haven't heard in ages. I wish we could duplicate Tim Meadows and Lauren Lapkus for eternity. Oops, got to check out the old best of to avoid duplicates.
  6. gordonmiller

    Episode 69.5 โ€” Minisode 69.5

    I read thestrays explanation before writing the post and totally agree with its sentiment and especially his summation (money, propaganda, wanting to cash in on his celebrity while it still existed, and to fill that void of Kurt not obtaining his Olympic dream). The timeline just seemed out of place that they released this movie so long after Kurt Thomas was already out of the olmypic boycott spotlight. Was it shot closer to 1980 and sat on shelves until 1985 and released after the United States got its big win?
  7. HDTGM should be able to raise literally hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each episode for a frivolous or good cause if the gang and guest put a dollar in the literally jar for each their utterances of the L Word. Thanks, love the show!
  8. gordonmiller


    Is the sequel going to be called "Welcome Back Gymkata"?
  9. gordonmiller

    Episode 69.5 โ€” Minisode 69.5

    I really hope no one else has said this, but the sequel needs to be titled "Welcome Back Gymkata" I have a theory as to one reason this movie got made. A theory that may immediately sink if someone can tell me when exactly it was shot. This first story is relevant and I will tie it into Gymkata (1985) in the second paragraph. In the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles the Eastern Bloc nations of the Soviet Union had boycotted the games with the exception of Romania. The Romanian Gymnast Ecaterina Szabรณ was in incredibly close contention with the American gymnast Mary Lou Retton for the overall gold medal in gymnastics. Mary Lou Retton had recently had a knee injury after winning some top level American competitions (this was her first Olympics) and was behind Ecaterina for gold when she unexpectedly scored perfect 10's in floor exercise and vault in what I assume was a sensational victory. Her amazing performance that earned the perfect 10's, as well as the narrow defeat of the "red menace", at the time famous for their domination of gymnastics, garnered the event fame and lasting recognition. Although I wasn't watching then, I assume it was sensational because she was made sportswoman of the year by numerous huge publications, became wheaties first spokeswoman, and appears in dozens of top Olympic moments lists to this day. Now to tie it into this goddamn bananas movie... It was released in May 1985 one year to the month after Mary Lou won her gold medal, which makes me worried about the shooting times aspect of the explanation. While I'm no expert in production perhaps the ball got rolling on the movie as an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of gymnastics from the Retton win. Allow me to elaborate. Gender roles being what they are, particularly in the 80's, people involved making the movie thought a gymnastics movie would appeal to women and girls, but assumed and feared that no men/boys would ever want to see it. To make a gymnastics themed movie work on a broader audience they chose a popular attractive male gymnast from the previous Olympics to lead the movie, and tied in kung-fu and soviet era themes of spies and enter the dragon esque mysterious bases to pull in some male ticket buyers. The nation of Parmistan and vague Eastern European-ness feel of bad guys and setting as well as the covert operation tie ins were intended to play off the anti-Soviet passions of the Olympic Gymnastics win against Romania. This absurd notion will probably fall apart when the shooting dates of the movie pre-date the Olympic victory or someone who knows what the hell they are talking about take a stab at an idea. Id mistakenly thought this movie was exploiting the Kerri Strug leg breaking perfect landing, but that was in 1996 so poking around I found out about this 1984 gymnastics win and here we are. Thanks for reading everybody ^ ___ ^
  10. gordonmiller

    The Forum Forum

    Made a duplicate post in the guest request forum for how did this get made because I didn't peruse it first. It's titled Shelby Fero. Thanks teamwolf.
  11. gordonmiller

    Episode 3 โ€” Toilet Wine

    Can't wait for more thank you so much Owen and Adam. Homo on that one.
  12. gordonmiller

    Paul's Show Opening Lines

    In each episode Mr. Scheer opens the show with the signature "[insert Funny Things] We saw [insert Movie] so you know what that means [KICK ASS SONG]" This last weeks which was "Kids are stupid, and emotions are dumb, we saw After Earth so you know what that means." literally brought me to tears (much like June) and PFT seemed to get a kick out of it as well. Does anyone else enjoy these fantastic opening lines enough that I should spend an hour or so compiling them all? If no one replies I will take it as an emphatic yes.
  13. Seeing as how some fans keep track of the number of literally uses in each episode perhaps many people have an affinity for stats from each weeks movie. Statistics like the cost and box office, or the ratings from popular websites of the movie that are already given by Paul could be folded in. Other examples of stats tracking have already occurred in episodes like "Battlefield Earth" with the Leverage count. It probably does not have enough content to stand on its own, but some fans of this show likely know some odd stats from some of there favorite movies and can submit them if those movies are selected.
  14. gordonmiller

    Guests to Recommend

    Couldn't Hurt. Schedules permitting. I Would recommend "Missy Cummings" for an episode on drone aircraft or UAV's. She is the Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT and goes on a variety of programs (of all sizes and audiences) to discuss and educate people on the technical and political implications of drones.
  15. gordonmiller

    Episode 54 โ€” Bubble Giggles

    The bubbles analogy is one of my favorite things that has ever happened. Charts!