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  1. Miss Underfold

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    Like everyone else... I didn't know him, but I related to his struggles and damn, he made me laugh. I'm so sorry for those who got to know him in real life. Maybe this could snap some people into working toward kicking addictions... I don't know. Maybe that's the only good that can come of it.
  2. Miss Underfold

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    Yes! Toward June's point re: not crediting all of the monkeys It's a tiny way to not admit to the artifice of the premise. Like when you first realize some kid on TV is portrayed by twins, and it snaps you out of your suspension of disbelief.
  3. Miss Underfold

    Episode 148 — Stereotypes in Sitcoms

    That's what brought me here! Someone in LA or NY pretending those cities are bastions of racial harmony and suggesting that people in Detroit have never met a black person.... Oy.... This is the first time I was so annoyed at an Earwolf podcast I had to visit it's forums to make sure folks were calling it on its crap. Is the show/guest always so clueless? Is this a good show to hate-listen to, or should I just skip it?