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    Hey guys, I'm new, blah blah. Made this after listening to the Spice World episode:
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    Omission: Howard the Duck

    I've listened to every episode of HDTGM, and finally decided to sign up so I could talk about this movie. Jason briefly touched upon the idea of Howard the Duck as being a Christ-like figure, but he could have gone further into it. I mean, Howard came to Earth from "the Heavens" as we sometimes refer to outer space. Howard goes out amongst the sinners of the world (hanging out with that bestiality skank Beverly, working among the whores at the hot tub place). As Mantzoukas tells us, Tim Robbins is the apostle that denies Howard twice. And the film ends with Howard sacrificing himself to save mankind, only to miraculously come back to life and sing and play keytar with Beverly's band (much like Christians sing songs celebrating the Resurrection). And the film features one line of dialogue from an omniscient narrator "In the beginning there was HOWARD THE DUCK" which mirrors Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth." Which is an Old Testament reference, sure, but I think it sets the groundwork for a religious reading of the overall film. Also, not an omission but an aside: any time June says "fuck" on the podcast it is a treat. I loved it when she yelled "RIGHT THERE! RIGHT FUCKING THERE!"