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  1. Joe Lerini

    Episode 310 - Shuba Shubo Shoezaphone

    This is great! That invocation scene was spectacular!
  2. Joe Lerini

    Episode 309 - LIVE from DCM 19 Pt. 2

    All of these improvisers are amazing. Can't wait to listen!
  3. Joe Lerini

    Episode 307 - Saffron Surprise

    Maybe they're gearing up for another Best Of episode. They usually want fan input on best sketches, and the breakdowns help them find the sketches we're talking about.
  4. Joe Lerini

    Episode 307 - Saffron Surprise

    That last sketch was incredible.
  5. Joe Lerini

    Episode 306 - Jim Bakker's End Times

    Your Daly intake should be daily.
  6. Joe Lerini

    Episode 306 - Jim Bakker's End Times

    Finally! It's been too long since Andy Daly's been on the show!
  7. These are some of my absolute favorite improvisers. Can't wait to listen!
  8. Joe Lerini

    Episode 303 - The Auditions

    Five minutes in and I'm already loving this. They're throwin' so much shade at *BEEP*! Also, I'm loving all the improv about improv.
  9. Happy eating, The number 1 cheeba hawk.
  10. Aw yeah! This is gonna be awesome!
  11. I tried but they slapped the Kool-aid out of my hand. Told me I wasn't cool enough to kill myself. So I'm still here, posting on the forums.
  12. Joe Lerini

    Episode 194 - The I Was There Me Too Show

    You coulda easily 'shopped in a bowl of Coco Wheats with a face into those piles of food at the bottom. But ya didn't. That's fine. I see how it is. *puts on dope shades so no one sees the tears*
  13. Joe Lerini

    Episode 193 - Holly Prazoff, Our Close Friend

    It's been awhile [/staind] since I've listened to Spont, but for Hayes and Sean? Yeah. I'm doin' this.
  14. Joe Lerini

    Episode 298 - The Mopes Trilogy Pt. 2

    So great! That Trader Joe's scene really cracked me up. Also, RIP Seeso.
  15. Joe Lerini

    Episode 495 - Who CBBeefed?

    I loved the Chief Queef reference. That was the first CBB episode I ever heard.
  16. Joe Lerini

    Episode 192 - Julie Klausner, Our Tonys Friend

    ...So...Photobucket won't let me post images unless I pay them 40 bucks a month, I guess. I'm not doing that. I've switched to imgur. So any new pics I have to share will be fine. It's just that now my old posts are even more pathetic than they were before. Peace out, my Handbook Homies.
  17. Joe Lerini

    Episode 297 - LIVE from DCM Pt. 1

    I absolutely loved Besser's Fred Schneider impression. I laughed SO HARD at that sketch.
  18. Joe Lerini

    Episode 494 - Face Fox