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  1. Oh hey. My mates, make me majorly messy & memorize my mouthwatering mountainously-mini mangily maniacal meltdowns. Here are some plugs submissions. Here's my soundcloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/dj-coochie-coo Here are the links to each of the individual submissions: https://soundcloud.c...tal-plugs-theme https://soundcloud.c...ure-plugs-theme https://soundcloud.c...ree-plugs-theme https://soundcloud.c...heme-for-comedy "If y'all could read, you'd read it and weep" - Hambrosia Heartshe
  2. I feel like Bastian from the Neverending Story part II: "...and another..." p.s. the implications of the song have another haphazard commonality with the actor who played Bastian but this realization was only an after thought and not meant in poor taste.
  3. Here's another one... it's called anonymously free.
  4. Here's electronic evidence of a lingering brain queef brought to fruition. It's called but plugs.