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  1. Brett Arnold

    Episode 132 β€” Teaching

    Can't stop listening to this episode...all Kyle's "teach" jokes are unreal
  2. Brett Arnold

    Episode 251 β€” The Bed Spoiler

    This episode is incredible. All hail Todd Glass!
  3. The top-knot trendsetter known as Wie-Wie and everybody's favorite "young lovely Asian lady" KuKu are back in fine form on this week's TWO CHARTED! Howard takes us on a journey through his exciting Wieek That Was before Ramhand interrupts to explain how his family has been affected by the government shutdown. On her chart, Kulap reflects on her time spent in Mexico and details all her exciting, Latin-infused adventures. Be sure to stay tuned for a particularly edgy CHART EXCLUSIVE regarding Howard's love for a certain pop song.
  4. Brett Arnold

    Episode 150 β€” Warrior Pose

    The iTunes trouble has been fixed β€” enjoy!
  5. Host of the Memory Palace podcast, Grantland contributor and one-time freelance television writer Nate DiMeo makes his Earwolf debut on this week's edition of Sklarbro County! Randy, Jason, Dan and Nate talk about the ongoing MLB playoffs and why people love to hate the Cardinals before Dan makes it weird with stories involving staged kidnappings, stripper assaults and penis biting. The episode concludes with an excerpt from a recent episode of Memory Palace. Don't forget to get your tickets for the Sklar Bros visits to Lexington, KY; St. Louis, MO and their one-hour special tapings at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI.
  6. Brett Arnold

    Earwolf Store Sale

    The lovely Earwolf store will be featuring the following items for 25% off for a limited time: Improv4Humans Shirt How Did This Get Made? Shirt Professor Blastoff Shirt My Wife Shirt Who Charted? Shirt Low Hangin Fruit Shirt Ducca Strong Bracelet Professor Blastoff Poster Comedy Bang Bang Poster All Hail the Wolf Poster (Ltd Edition) Low Hangin Fruit CD Get 'em while they last!
  7. Brett Arnold

    Earwolf Ringtones!

    Greetings, fellow Earwolves! The mighty powers that be are considering releasing Earwolf ringtones. We were just wondering which clips you guys would potentially be interested in? Reply with episode titles (and timestamps, if you've got 'em) and will your favorite moments into ringtone existence!
  8. Brett Arnold

    Episode 125 β€” Catching Up

    Yeah, man, that You Made It Weird was such a joy to behold. Tig is so genuinely happy and excited about her relationship, it's so refreshing and inspiring to hear!
  9. The hilarious Dan St. Germain makes his Earwolf debut and joins the similarly named Daniel Van Kirk on this week's Sklarbro County! After our hosts address some corrections from last week's episode, Dan St. Germain tells us what it was like attending the University of Evansville in Indiana and Dan Van Kirk brings the weird with stories involving "merchandise tampering", yacht theft and telepathic sex. Later on in the show, we get Steven Seagal on the line! Citizens of St. Louis β€” get your tickets to see the Sklars hometown live show on November 8th here!
  10. On today’s episode of Cracked, Jack and Michael invite some fellow Cracked contributors to dissect their favorite real world origin stories. Topics discussed include everything from the QWERTY keyboard, Wikipedia and ketchup to planned parenthood, the concept of summer and the Holocaust.
  11. Brett Arnold

    Episode 247 β€” Half A Score

    Comedy legend and Saturday Night Fever Live star Tim Meadows makes his first visit to the podcast on this week's Comedy Bang Bang! After Tim and Scott discuss the ins and outs of laser eye surgery and the SNL writing process, musician & esteemed author Chico Davis stops by to promote his book and share some classic stories from his days in the Los Angeles music scene, including his connections to some rock 'n roll related tragedies as well as some tales from his time spent at the famed Viper Room on the Sunset Strip. Don’t forget to collect every CBB LIVE 2013 Tour episode over at the Earwolf store!
  12. Brett Arnold

    Episode 44 β€” Limp Butt

    After boarding the detached tower escape vessel, the gang is back in the tower and Sir Richard has a spectacular roll. Things get weird fast as death by horse sex is mentioned almost immediately. Will the cliffhanger ever be addressed? You’ll have to tune in to find out!
  13. Yup, you guessed it β€” it's time for a Kyle Dunnigan solo episode! Kyle takes a break from his writing in New York to perform some listener-suggested Punkys and get into it with multiple special guests. First, Kyle interviews fellow "Inside Amy Schumer" writer Kurt Metzger about everything under the sun, from aliens to Jehovah's witnesses. After talking to Kurt, Kyle sits down briefly with Amy Schumer and asks her about God. Kyle's third and final interview is with lifelong friend Michael Anderson, who offers a different take on God than the previous guests and shares some of his particularly fascinating insights. This episode was brought to you by Trump Hospital.
  14. Human sports jukebox Gar Ryness returns to the Sklarbro universe to talk baseball playoffs and make predictions on this week's Sklarbro County! Dan Van Kirk and his ridiculous news stories go international as he brings us some crazy stories from across the pond, complete with a creepy English clown and a hard partying man who has sex with a car. Gar sheds some light on the recent Dodgers/Diamondbacks urine in the pool debacle before we hear a voicemail from friend of the show Joe Walsh. Be sure to check out Daniel Van Kirk’s NFL column over at cover32.com! Citizens of Los Angeles β€” Sklarbro Country will be a part of the LA Podcast Festival on October 5th! Go to http://lapodfest.com for tickets.
  15. The fantastic Peter Mehlman makes his first visit to the calming shores on this week's special live VPN edition of Sklarbro Country! Peter talks about how he started his career as a sportswriter for the Washington Post, lays out the details of his new book "Mandela Was Late" and explains how he got the gig writing for everybody's favorite sitcom, Seinfeld, and shares his favorite moment from working on the show. After some rousing Quick Hits, resident Fantasyologist Jesse Thorn stops by for his fantasy report and to talk about what it was like hanging out on a boat with Eugene Mirman and the lead singer of The Mountain Goats.