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  1. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 8 — Who’s Got My Goo Balls?

    Mr. Fogelnest, I thought that your comment was funny. It was a nice nod to Mr. Scharpling. I also found the image of Tom actually coming to read the message boards of an Earwolf podcast to be funny as well. Thanks for your comedy! Sincerely, A loyal fan P.S. If Banksy were a dog it would be Barksy
  2. I was really hoping that we could all take a trip back to Suicide House (1122 Boogie Woogie Avenue).
  3. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 241 — The Stallone Bros.

    Are there any new developments in this story, or are you just bringing up old rumors?
  4. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 239 — New Dad

    Why is the b-b-bonus-s-s episode being released on Friday?! I don't like change! It makes me anxious!!! I will be spending the week fretting and anticipating.
  5. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 141.5 — 08/16/13 TWO CHARTED 80

    Team Wie-Wie - Wei-Wei.
  6. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 141.5 — 08/16/13 TWO CHARTED 80

    If no Kulap, can we get a Howard-Armen episode? It could be catastrophic but potential for gold.
  7. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 94 — Hands In The Air

    John Gemberling has come across to me as the most sensible across the entire bestiality trilogy. He is taking a step back and trying to examine something without the stigma attached to it. Everyone else seems to just have an "Ew. It's wrong?" response. He is actually trying to examine why people think that it is wrong and trying to debase their claims.
  8. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 141 — Jersey Bonding

    I don't think that was Kulap. It was Melissa Rauch doing several Asian voices. Correct me if I am wrong though.
  9. Jason Mantzoukas is not wearing jeans (white oxford is there though). What. Is. Happening? (Mantzoukas voice)
  10. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 140 — Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    I really liked this episode. Scott and Kulap have a great dynamic (unsurprisingly) and treated it as Scott being the co-host. Armen was so off-beat and made the episode a fun ride. He was so uncertain of himself throughout the episode and I loved it. He provided that same element that Howard provided that you never quite know what is going to happen next.
  11. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 139.5 — 08/02/13 TWO CHARTED 78

    We want the Beliefs Episode, Howard! Make it happen and bring along Suit McGoo!
  12. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 235 — Concert Buddies

    Scott, I'm with you on the pubic hair.
  13. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 233 — Royal Watching

    Kate Middleton is in labor right now, having her baby the same day as the release of this podcast. Coincidence? I think NOT!
  14. MarmOfSmarm

    Episode 89 — Great Big Hill of Hope

    I love it when Nick Kroll breaks character slightly at the end. I think it happens because he realized how perfectly he had set himself up.