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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Black guy went on a racist field trip as a child. http://youtu.be/w0n6Qf8oHpI
  2. I think I just heard a crime go...
  3. Live AND a stellar line-up. I shouldn't act so surprised, I4H has never let me down.
  4. BenjaminJones

    Episode 201 β€” New Beginnings

    I'm so happy, I could cry! Or it could just be my acute tear duct Mongolism flaring up...
  5. BenjaminJones

    Episode 310 β€” Little Button Puss

    Funny, I was thinking Adam Pally's timbre with Kroll cadence. Great avatar by the way, you seen him recently, teeth all fixed?
  6. BenjaminJones

    Episode 310 β€” Little Button Puss

    'Best of' worthy. Gemberlicking would take one of the spots on my personal 'all stars' improv4humans team. Pam killed it and Kevin was a delight. I wanted to hear more about the sex maze. Pansexual's Labyrinth? I could have sworn HP was going to mention some sort of lubed up Asian in the sex club after 'slippery slope' was uttered.
  7. I'm just going to premptively speak out against the music haters and say I loved this episode. Even if the artists are not what I normally listen to, I love to hear creatives appreciating each others craft. Lil' Matty B has some eclectic taste and I love it. Is it the new studios larger space that allowed a full band? I think the background sniggering added a lot and again, artists appreciating artists touches me in a special spot. Mah diiick! Did Spence do a 'man in the distance' voice? Was so spot on! Eug killed! Keep up the great work and i'll continue fighting the good fight and sneakily downloading the podcast onto unsuspecting, unattended devices.
  8. Holy shit... Already? There is no way that you loveable lads just 'coincidentally' had a podcast planned on the exact date. I smell a conspiracy. I applaud you Scott. You too Scott. BTW, I love Oliver Sudden nee Subpodcasts. The prisoner of Azkaban! Great bit. Great Epp.
  9. BenjaminJones

    Episode 172 β€” Conspiracies

    I hope this means Bill is going to be part of the Earwolf roster.
  10. BenjaminJones

    Episode 309 β€” Tony Macaroni

    Was crying laughing from 'arse-licker' through to the description of the shows. Lace. Ventura. Rubbish. Burglar. Detective. Good lord... Nick's accent isn't too bad, he has a New Zealand twang but most of the time people sound like that Simpsons Down Under episode so it's forgivable. He and Claudia had a great dynamic! Never thought I'd hear the words 'sausage sizzle' on Earwolf. Yes, it's a real thing.
  11. My frontal lobe just imploded.
  12. BenjaminJones

    Episode 149 β€” Stinky Sword

    Jolly good show chaps and chapette. Everyone was on point. Ironically prayer for relief is also known as 'ad damnum' clause.
  13. BenjaminJones

    The Wahlberg Solution LIVE

    Always great to hear new content! Well done, it was great. Michael Caine sounds like it's coming through John Oliver. You have quite the roster of future guests available at Earwolf too. Ice T... Tom Leykis... Aaron Neville...
  14. BenjaminJones

    Episode 306 β€” Project Funway

    Boom! Improv4Humans & CBB is on fire today. Guests in all the right places! It reminds me of that one epic Thursday about a year ago when the line-up was Paul loves chemicals somuchhe'slikeWalterWhiteoverhere.
  15. Greatest lineup ever? Holy shit. Unbeatable. Except for Chris Gethard...that guy is the worst. Baku baku! Pop! Pop! 'ear me now! Brrrrap! Airhorn!
  16. BenjaminJones

    Episode 147 β€” Old Dread Ben

    Holy fuck. It finally happened. You guys, that My Little Pony scene.... was next level bonkers.
  17. BenjaminJones

    Episode 137 β€” Porta Potty Sushi

    Yo, is this racist? Great line-up and everyone was in the groove, you can tell they're buddies. Good job Dan. Chinese spoons/chopsticks was brilliant, yet I'm sad that we didn't get to hear at least a few lines from the Boogie Nights re-enactment... Missed the money shot on that one. I4H needs to reach a wider audience. What can we do to make people hear it? The intimacy of it is nice amongst us... but it's too good to keep to ourselves. Let's make it Jagger's favorite.
  18. BenjaminJones

    Episode 183 β€” Student Athlete

    Stephanie is an Improv machine. Cannot wait to hear her interact with Howard!
  19. Very unexpected. Listening eagerly. Update: Don't know what to make of this episode... But I will say that: Scott's harsh denials to Scott is my favourite part of this podcast. Followed by Scott's muttering of curse words under his breath. The only two constants.
  20. BenjaminJones

    Episode 290 β€” Shed Busting

    It may be the booze but I laughed nonstop at Scott's addition of 'vagine' at the end of that clip. Tears. What is the best way to get to all the early CDR? I have that episode but I feel like there is more available than what's on here.
  21. BenjaminJones

    Episode 290 β€” Shed Busting

    Needed more reverb. Scott sincerely contributing to hot button issues without a hint of irony was kind off-putting initially but wow, I never thought I'd see the day of a semi-serious Bling Bong; let alone enjoy it this much. Comedians talking straight (cough), is always refreshing because they tend to be intelligent and socially aware. Also, Adomian as a non-character sounds so macho. Like a radio lumberjack. But so does Todd really... I wish I had a deeper voice. B -B-B-Bonus-s-s-s episode on Thursday you guys!
  22. GalifianaKISS CAKE, boss? Cake boss. With Cake Boss. Cake Boss. Tina/Werner Dalton Wilco Red HOT Chilli DOG
  23. BenjaminJones

    Episode 136 β€” Hallelujah the Hills

    What a fucking lineup! Like a well oiled machine. I find it very difficult to believe that the lyric "a stillborn Chinese baby speaking backwards" didn't ignite anything. If you don't like the music, ask for a refund.