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  1. JingJang

    Episode 51 — Star Chart

    Best episode in a while guys! Damien is effing hilarious. Sark - I loved the way you handled the "landing". Very cool. I do like 2E ability checks. Simple and clean. I like how they seem to be trapped here for a while. Was the old man bluffing or are huge swaths of Glenishmore in ruins now? I'm anxious to learn who the Glenishmorians are and what they are like. Maybe Glenishmore is a fertile ground for a new Sect of Judas worshippers Damien.... Gotta keep Judas happy!
  2. JingJang

    Nerd Poker RPG Game Finder

    Denver Colorado (South Metro). Currently playing in two groups. We play Pathfinder but aren't opposed to a one-shot here and there for something else. We've got GREAT players and just about everyone GM's. We like Craft Beer. There's a fair amount of BSing and general geekery Several players might be interested in additional game nights/games. If you are in the area and interested reply here and we'll see about getting you involved.
  3. JingJang

    Episode 50 — Through The Airlock

    Good Episode Guys - Glad you all made it. Congratulations on reaching 50 Episodes too! Brian - No one has really mentioned it but nice work on the RP for Daemon. I know you mentioned you're stepping outside your comfort zone for this character so I'm sure the RP is weird and maybe challenging but the sarcasm when you were wishing them "Good Luck" was freakin GREAT! My favorite part of the episode actually. Playing different races/classes/personalities than you are used to is a good way to be a better player IMO. I was smiling to myself - for Sarks sake on this episode: Sark has obviously proven in the past that he's not afraid to TPK a party if great care isn't taken to account for every potential thing to go wrong! The way you guys REALLY considered your escape was at times hard to listen to, but I totally appreciate and understand why you had to plan so much. Congratulations on constructing a solid plan - and having it work out. Here's to hoping you can go another 50+ episodes (assuming Sark has that much campaign fleshed out). Bad Wizard: Regarding your endure elements question: If I were GMing, I like to reward people for using spells creatively, especially non-combat/non-buff spells so I'd totally give them some sort of damage reduction/benefit if they used Endure Elements to counteract the effects of a vacuum.
  4. JingJang

    Episode 31 — The Landing Day

    I've been lurking on these boards and listening for a while. I finally decided to create an account. I just wanted to join the chorus of people praising this podcast. You guys are great! This is going to sound a little on the twink-elf side, (not that there's anything wrong with being elvish), but you guys are capturing the "magic" that happens around the game table. The B.S. and social aspect, exploring a story your crazy friend made up, and having a blast rolling dice to destroy imaginary stuff! I've been playing tabletop RPG's for 25 years and for some reason, that mixture of elements keeps me playing year after year. The way you guys interact really captures that irreverent fun. Thanks for taking the extra time to actually go to the studio and record these podcasts. I ride my bike to work year round here in Denver Colorado and your podcasts have made me laugh out loud on several occasions. Also extra praise for reminding all of us that no matter how much tighter/better/more complete game systems get - that bending or even disregarding rules in the pursuit of fun - should ALWAYS be rule#1. As long as you strive for consistency, everyone should enjoy themselves and it seems like all of you do a good job of maintaining consistency in rules. Brian - Thanks again for taking a little extra time to share a little bit of your social life with all of us. It's pretty neat that your game-table (aside from the mics and excessive heat) - is very much like ours. Hope you're able to get Vin Diesel for at least a cameo. If not him - invite others to play. Stephen Colbert is a pretty big geek too - Just tell him that you guys don't allow the alignment "Chaotic Democrat" and he'll probably be down to join you. Game On!!