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    Episode 232.5 — Minisode 232.5

    So I have the Trevorrow/Connolly draft of Episode IX, as Paul and Jason discussed on this ep. It's being passed around by all the assistants right now, and we're pretty sure it's the real deal. If you guys don't already have it, I'm happy to send it along (privately—I'm not comfortable attaching it publicly until it's fully out in the world). Let me know!
  2. beeblebrox

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Short, sweet, real. "...She doesn't really sound like that." The newscaster can't hold it in.
  3. beeblebrox

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Squeezing cat to help her urinate The audio is gorgeous. The visual part isn't too shabby either. (The action really gets going at 0:47.) Enjoy!
  4. beeblebrox

    Episode 154 — Life’s Bouncer

    For Dan: I can't be the first person to alert you to this endless source of classic, County-ready stories: https://twitter.com/_FloridaMan But if so, this will change your life. This Twitter feed includes the now-classic headline, "Florida Man Broke Into Woman's Home, Took iPad Photos Of Himself With Her Underwear On His Head" (http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2013/jun/25). Among countless others. Enjoy!