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    Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

    I just saw this over the weekend. My first thought was to round up everyone I know to invite them to watch it with me. The second thought was that I need a How Did This Get Made about it. It's a bad movie. Sorry. I love Herzog also, but that doesn't excuse the random POV from reptiles, the creepy dialogue during the rape/sex scene (did your parents mole-est you?), the disappearing dog, the breakdancing spirit, the "my lucky crackpipe", the weird ending. I've heard it suggested that the entire movie is a crack dream. As if that excuses a scene where he is going to kill an old lady. It's all a crack dream sounds like some lame M. Night twist. No. It's silly and bad. But it's hella entertaining. The Room and BL:POCNOLO are similar in that they both have scripts that seem as if they were written by an alien whose only contact with humanity was late night cable. But the real difference is what a great director brings to the table. And a great actor. Def. must for HDTGM.