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    Masked and Anonymous

    I think there's a scene in this with Val Kilmer murdering bunny rabbits. This movie made zero sense. Great soundtrack though.
  2. DaveArchibald

    Freaked (1993)

    I love this movie; I used to own it on VHS. It's weird and over-the-top and pretty self-aware of how cheesy and corny it is. Among the movies they've done, I'd definitely liken it to Nothing But Trouble. - Mr. T as a bearded lady - Giant eye as a security system and it's Rastafarian for some reason - Randy Quaid as an over-the-top Randy Quaid evil redneck circus mad scientist - An evil corporation called "EES" which apparently stands for "Everything Except Shoes" because they hate shoes - Alex Winter has a strange, somewhat creepy telepathic link with a little dorky kid - Keanu Reeves has an uncredited role Whether you love or hate this movie, you definitely wonder to yourself, "how did this get made?"
  3. DaveArchibald

    Commando (1985)

    "What happened to Sully?" "I let him go."
  4. I see Major League III is only 8th in the FYI voting, and it doesn't look like there's a topic for it. I need to advocate on behalf of this piece of shit. - It's a baseball movie, yes, but it features some of the worst special effects I've ever seen. Frequently the ball is rendered in CGI rather than filmed and it doesn't appear that the special effects people are familiar with the way physics operats on earth. - Ted McGinley as the bad guy? Yes please. - Scott Bakula as the coach? Awesome. - The plot: the Twins' AAA team battles their major league club, in a battle for no one gives a shit. - Charlie Sheen? Not in this movie. Wesley Snipes? Not in this movie. Tom Berenger? Not in this movie. Snipes replacement Omar Epps? They couldn't even get him. But they did get Corbin Bernsen, Dennis Haysbert, and a couple of the dudes from the second one. Bob Uecker's back, too. - There's a pitcher who throws a ball so slow it can't read on the radar gun. - The original creators are thinking about making another Major League movie and planning to call it "Major League 3" and pretend this pile of garbage never existed. - The writer / director never did anything again. Did he die? Disappear? Go back to his home planet? I don't know because he doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.