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  1. Blink

    Episode 595 - Mother's Olive Oil

    Logging in for the first time in a long time to say that Demi's segment was excellent
  2. Blink


    Bit too much R.E.M. in this one
  3. I might have to skip the second show, as taking off work to drive from Milwaukee to Chicago and back doesn't sound the most appealing. I'm Will-Call, so I guess maybe I could just give someone my name or something. I don't know. I might try taking off. P.S. has anyone made a joke about how the forum threads should disappear after 6 months, too
  4. Looks like old i4h episodes are going behind the paywall
  5. I'm like a year behind on the podcast and I didn't hear about the live show, so if anyone has a hook-up, DM me on Twitter edit: nvm See y'all at the second show
  6. Blink

    Episode 331 - Marijuana Advice

    It's embarrassing how long it took me to realize this was improv. I know who Rich Fulcher is, but still.
  7. The "Brian Pocketpussy" line to end the improv was so good
  8. Really love the new format episodes. This one is especially fun.
  9. god dammit wish I knew before now that i4h is 2 hours away tomorrow great ep tho
  10. Blink

    Episode 303 - The Auditions

    We all know it was Josh Tillman
  11. Still angry that I casually enjoy U2 songs now
  12. Blink

    Episode 488 - 3 Kidnapped Boys

    I don't know why I didn't skip past the Life of Pi spoilers
  13. Came out of posting retirement to check that it was indeed FJM Episode was pretty good, too. Episodes with all or part of Big Grande are usually great.
  14. Coming out of posting retirement to say I love this episode (which I thought I would, since I love Tarver and Lippert) Howl paywall still dumb
  15. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yessssssssssssss Rosenstock
  16. Who asks for this Edit: Actually that was my favorite Monster Fuck so far
  17. Blink

    Episode 433 - Government Pizza

    Bit of a shitty thing to say somewhere she might read it. I love her. Romantically (My favorite podcast with her on it was Gilmartin's)
  18. Did they rescind on removing the Earwolf back catalogue for non-Howl users? I've got a few dozen gigs of poorly-labeled podcasts I would rather not try to tidy up.
  19. I like how Scott told them to pick up their instruments for the 2nd song as if Lauren didn't spoil that performances are mixed in after the fact
  20. Blink

    Episode 417 - The 3 Year Diet

    I liked the "keep talking and you'll end up dead" thing Wonder if there was a different plan for Petty
  21. First reply in this entire forum Score one for ol' Blinkers
  22. Speaking of American Movie, Mark is still a neighborhood staple and helped some friends out with their music video