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    Episode 308 - Shared Footfalls

    Seconding the SE love! Pay no attention, Howard. The reason they may not be familiar with the SE is that it's Apple's entry-level phone, and it's mostly for people who can't afford the more expensive models. It's the size of the old iPhone 5 but has the guts of the 6, so it can do almost everything anyway. Just got mine brand-new and I dig it immensely!
  2. Given the all-inclusive compendium format, I'm a little surprised that no one pointed out the similarities between both the words and melodies of "It's Been Awhile" and "In a Little While" (pitch the latter down a bit, take a syllable out, etc.). Close enough to mention, I'd have thought!
  3. a5k

    Episode 146.5 β€” TWO CHARTED 85

    Will Kulap ever learn to pronounce "aforementioned"? (Scott says "AFF" as well, so it might be a Toluca Lake affliction.) Accent on the "fore," friend!
  4. a5k

    Episode 137.5 β€” 07/19/13 TWO CHARTED 76

    Maybe I need to tap into this "whatever happens, happens" summah vibe. That's not me at all! But apparently others are happy with anything, so, you know, that's okay. Crankiness has its virtues, I say.
  5. a5k

    Episode 137.5 β€” 07/19/13 TWO CHARTED 76

    The best thing about Two Charted has always been the intimate dynamic between Howard, Kulap and whomever is manning the boards. I miss that! Agreed that additional guests are best kept to Who Charted, and I've been slightly disappointed every time I've heard someone else sitting in. Lock the doors!