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  1. One of the things I noticed about this movie is that they don't really focus on the tornado aspect of the Sharknado. In the opening scene, the plane is not really affected by a giant funnel of 200-300 mph winds, just flying sharks. Then, you would think that the tornadoes would actually destroy buildings like they do in real life, but instead, they are just basically transporting sharks. If 3 tornadoes hit New York, even if they did last forever like they do in these movies, they would destroy many buildings instead of just decapitating the Statue of Liberty. Also, if those 3 tornadoes then combined to form a super-tornado, and it would leave no Empire State Building left to blow up. They just disregard the "nado" part of the Sharknado until they talk about destroying the anomaly.
  2. I didn't actively catch any names when I watched the movie, but I was just half-paying attention at one point cuz I was bored and I heard the name, "Ellen Brody," and since I've listened to the Jaws 4 podcast a billion times, it caught my attention, so I read the Wikipedia page. I figured it was the writers being "super clever" like when they killed a shark in the first Sharknado by blowing up its mouth with a gun and a gas tank.
  3. I'm a little "sharked" that y'all did not address the fact that Mark McGrath and Kari Wuhrer's characters' names were Martin Brody and Ellen Brody. These names might sound familiar because they're Roy Schneider and Ellaine Gary's characters' names from Jaws.
  4. NicH

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    2 notes on the episode: 1. A tornado that picks up water is called a waterspout. 2. Hurricanes are named male names. Hurricane Andrew hit Louisiana (where I live) when I was just a fetus in 1992. Great episode. Even greater movie.