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  1. What gives? I'm seeing two different episode 272's. "Greatest Mascot Story Ever Told" on my tablet, "Imagining Dragon" on pc. Neither one playable? Is it April already?
  2. I wish Scott would have done like all previous guests and stayed gone for the improv portion.
  3. TravisLakin

    Episode 73 — Congo

    I'd fuck that monkey.
  4. TravisLakin

    Episode 33 — Abduction

    This episode was borderline ruined by that loud-mouthed drunk chick. Please keep Jessica Chaffin the hell away from the podcast. I can't describe how much I never want to hear that voice again.
  5. This podcast makes my belly button want to give head to my butthole while forcing my dick, which is tied to a chair with its eye taped open, to watch. Its just that good.
  6. TravisLakin

    Character Drawings

    I want you to draw me like one of your Stargoyles.
  7. TravisLakin

    Episode 34 — The Dark Planet

    Love the podcast! Roll on.