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  1. JustinGrose

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Why does everything taste like chicken?
  2. JustinGrose

    Freaked (1993)

    The eyeballs were "Rastafar-EYE," which I think therein lies the joke. And to be completely honest, the link I posted for YouTube is NOT the full version. I thought the other day after posting I'd try to finish it...and it ended with about 20 minutes or so missing on the back end. So if anyone has any suggestions for watching prior to the Blu Ray & DVD Release next week, I'd love to hear it.
  3. JustinGrose

    Freaked (1993)

    This is one of the weirdest/worst movies that many people have never seen. I will try to summarize the plot as best as I can. Alex Winter of Bill & Ted fame (Bill S. Preston Esq., of course), makes his directorial debut & also plays the main character Ricky Coogan, a hot shot American actor. Coogan is asked to be the spokesperson for this toxic fertilizer by EES (Everything Except Shoes Corporation). They offer him $5 Million to fly to South America to begin advertising. Ricky and his "comedic" best friend Ernie fly to "San Flan," and team up with an environmentalist protestor Julie. On the way to their destination, they see signs for a "Freek Show," and stop to see what it's all about. They're met by Elijah Skuggs (Randy Quaid), who coerces them to step into his shed for a private freak show, but instead transforms them into freaks, and holds them captive. The rest of the movie is Ricky, now "The Beast Boy," trying to help his new crew of freaky friends escape Elijah's grasp. There is a really random cast, including Mr. T, Bobcat Goldthwait, Brooke Shields; and the cast of "freaks" is moderately comical, my favorite being The Hideous Frogman (a Frenchman in a wet suit). The movie does have it's funny parts, but it's very few. Many of the jokes are of the overdone Hollywood fart-joke genre, and have you rolling your eyes. It's kind of hard to watch on all fronts. I remembered watching this as a kid and thinking it was a bad movie. I attempted to watch it online (full movie on YouTube), and can also be found on DVD and Blu-Ray with a release date slated of Aug. 6th. YouTube is really your only option here. I've had to break it up into pieces, because I could only take so much; it's that bad. If my adult-self and kid-self both agree, then I'm sure HDTGM would also. This movie is shit. Anyone else out there ever sat through this turd?