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    Yes! I, for some reason (probably maturity, lack off) avoided watching this for years and years, but hearing you talk about it made me go out and get it on that same day (day of listening). I can't help notice that this is the time you really went over time, and not because you got diverted, but because there are so many things that stick with you about this film in particular. It's a great film, everything about it really and thanks for pushing me across that line. So I really hope it makes it into The Canon. My best endorsement is that I'm about to watch it a second time. :-)
  2. lolholm


    OMFG! I can't vote apparently, but I got something to say. And yes, it's an amazing film. I avoided this for years, because everyone I know, who've seen it, only said "spit in his hand and"... Apparently that scene makes an impression. I listened to you describing it, and finally watched it for myself and my mind is blown. Everyone is great in this, and I love all the characters in it. Every character gets my sympathy, which is unique and amazing. I will rewatch this for sure, and I don't like "sad" films. So yes for the Canon. Even if it does'nt count. I hope it does somehow. :-) Brgrds, Sune
  3. Superman and Mike Tyson's ex-wife on an Airplane battling volcanos for survival. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3417334/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  4. I'm gonna cheat a little. 1. Lady in the Water or Signs - Noone does serious funny films better than M Night. 2. Toys - Five garbage cans and this thing is bonkers. 3. The Hot Chick - Could be any Rob Scheneider film. (White Chicks could also be one) 4. Sahara - Is insane and laughable. 5. Bad Taste - I really like this film, but it would make a good episode I think.
  5. lolholm

    The Canyons

    Hehe, I'm even caught up now, so I have no excuse for not knowing. Just lazy on my part.
  6. lolholm

    Only God Forgives????

    It's oddly interesting, but one of the least satisfying films I've ever seen. I think you are left with an ambivalent feelings about both the main characters and because of that, the resolutiaton just doesn't feel like the neat bowtie you'll usually get in a modern film. It's a weird one.
  7. lolholm

    The Rum Diary

    This film is a guilty pleasure for me. I like it quite alot and have seen it many times, but I'll admit that it's not great filmmaking. :-)
  8. lolholm

    The Canyons

    Lohan films are as yet untapped on the show right? So much good material there.
  9. lolholm

    Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

    This is an excellent film. Zero garbage cans for this one in my opinion.
  10. lolholm

    Chupacabra Terror

    Nick Kroll as guest. :-]
  11. lolholm

    Iron Sky (2012)

    I honestly do and this didn't come up for me. I've also scanned the first 30 pages of suggestions, which is why I recently bumped so many threads.
  12. lolholm

    Nothing But Trouble

    Ah, the faux pas. I'm still catching up and may have to skip up to this one.
  13. Confession time. This is actually a great film, but it is appropriately insane and the story of Alferd Packer's ill fated expedition is hilarious and weird.
  14. lolholm

    Nothing But Trouble

    Dan Akroyd, Demi Moore and John Candy also feature in is insane film.
  15. lolholm

    Nothing But Trouble

    Sorry, this went in the wrong section. :-/