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  1. cool with rob's viceland pick. if you like documentary and stuff a little esoteric, it's some real good stuff. also some good comedy with lance bangs' 'flophouse'
  2. shyguie

    Episode 94: THE KING OF COMEDY

    My favourite Scorsese film and the only one I actually own. Such a cringey first-time watch.
  3. shyguie

    Episode 295 - Pastrami Launcher

    I also found the music on Flaked to be awesome, with Stephen Malkmus doing the music and one episode having both an Alex G song and a Car Seat Headrest song
  4. shyguie

    Episode 295 - Pastrami Launcher

    Funny thing about Car Seat Headrest is that I really got into his music because of another Will Arnett show, Flaked, so I thought it was funny that he tumblr ranted about BoJack. It didn't even occur to me that that rant occurred after last weeks PFT charted
  5. shyguie

    Episode 288 - Ramhanded

    I expected way more comments in this thread. I love listening to Howard compliment Ramhand on 'summahform' and the chortle he gets out of him when he says he may have turned this thing around.
  6. shyguie

    Episode 266 - A Positive New Year

    'They're just engineering' - H. Michael Kre
  7. So glad Howard's making the trek up to Vancouver
  8. The Adventures of Food Boy takes a different approach to the superhero genre. The story centers around a teenage boy who discovers he has the superpower to generate food out of his hands.
  9. shyguie

    EPISODE 229 β€” Leading Love Man

    I guess there's this
  10. I wanna shoot Rocky vs Rambo just so Harris will get me a writing spot on Eastbound and Parks
  11. shyguie

    Episode 178.5 β€” 5/2/14 TWO CHARTED 117

    Come here for dinner. Bring a goo friend! http://guu-izakaya.com/
  12. shyguie

    Bad Girl Island

  13. That first picture is both the tiniest I've ever seen Jake appear and the largest Bo has ever been