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  1. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 275 - The Year End Show 2016!

    Anyone have a link to the new getuponthat style website they mentioned in this?
  2. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 4 - Will Power/The M Word

    What did they say Jessica wrote for Jezebel? I googled her name and jezebel.com but can't find anything. Did I just not get a joke?
  3. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 7 — Zooropa

    I'm not a U2 fan at all but I still feel fond of Zooropa. It's the most listenable they've ever been for me.
  4. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 1 — From Boy to Under a Blood Red Sky

    No that seems about right, less so in Australia but from what I've seen in the U.K that's about right. No idea how the Irish feel.
  5. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 8 Happening?

    I feel like I've been looking forward to this episode for so long it either will blow my mind or be a huge disappointment. There is no middle ground left.
  6. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 144 — Voice Rolls

    It's okay to be a fan of a possible drug addict. I have such a crush on Grey DeLisle.
  7. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 94 — Hands In The Air

    That picture of Lauren Lapkus is amazing.
  8. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 141 — Jersey Bonding

    Haha, yeah likewise. She's one of the few musical acts to have done TCGS twice so I thought there was a chance. Oh well.
  9. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 141 — Jersey Bonding

    This American Life I think. May have been Risk! Love Gethard forever.
  10. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 93 — LIVE from DCM 15 Pt. 1

    Langan Kingsley, she's in NYC at the moment not LA. Chris Gethard killed it. The Gethard/Bessser interaction at the bar talking about the dog suit and the Heat was one of the best moments this show has produced. Stellar.
  11. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 140 — Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    That was strangely awesome. I'm down for another Armen episode.
  12. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Episode 91 — Biohazard Acoustics

    ITZ UP!!!!!111one Huzzah, danke Shannon.
  13. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Jason Mantzoukas #174

    Amazing. I'm a KPCS fan but this has to have been my most looked forward to show. Lived up to my lofty expectations.
  14. WinterbornWhenTwitterHatesMe

    Reddit AMA with Howard Kremer & Kulap Vilaysack!

    Thanks for the heads up.