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    Paranoia (2013)

    Hot Fuzz was funny, but all of the references in it made it more than just another action-comedy flick. I've yet to see Paranoia (and don't plan on seeing it either), but I have no doubt that it will be the worst film of 2013. I know Harrison Ford has done some questionable films recently, but I expected more from Oldman. I really couldn't believe how bad this film looked when I saw first saw the trailer. It kind of reminds me of Limitless but even worse.
  2. Holiday in Shadaloo

    Olympus Has Fallen

    Bump. I just saw it and I have to say that this movie is absolutely horrendous. I think it would be a great movie to do a show on. 1)How the fuck does anyone, let alone the North Koreans, plan an attack of this magnitude in Washington DC and pull it off? 2)Airplane scene in the beginning -Two fighter jets (both the most expensive and one of, if not the, most advanced fighter jets) are taken out by an AC-130, a plane first flown during the Vietnam war -How can a pilot control (including aiming) side-mounted weapons facing out from the BOTH sides of the airplane from the yoke (aircraft "steering wheel")? -How did the Koreans even get a hold of the plane in the first place? Did they steal it from a US base? Build one and fly it from North Korean? -Are planes (even military), besides the president's helicopter and escort, even allowed to fly that close to the White House? 3)Dudes shooting at an airplane with fucking handguns and rifles 4)North Korean suicide bombers? (Really?) 5)Wave after wave of Secret Service guys just running out the front of the White House directly into machine gunfire 6)Post-attack hospital scene -WORST EXTRAS EVER -the guy on the gurney in the hallway in the background was especially laughable -phone called w/Butler and his wife/girlfriend - the line,"the paperwork is piling up" meanwhile all hell is breaking lose 7)Gunshot cgi looks one step above what they used in the Wayne Brady skit on Chappelle's Show http://25.media.tumb...hjbxeo4_500.jpg -so many dudes get popped in the head but it looks digitally "muted"/censored 8)The North Koreans also stole a super secret anti aircraft gun (Hydra 6). From the reaction I saw when the good guys found out I thought it was going to be something crazy like lasers. It was just a multiple-barrelled machine gun. 9)Super blatant Die Hard rip-off scene with Butler and McDermott (rooftop scene with Willis and Rickman, where Rickman pretends to be a hostage) 10)The beating of the Sec. of State and the scene where she starts singing "I pledge allegiance to the flag" as they're dragging her away. 11)What is the point of recalling the troops from the DMZ and the naval fleet if you're going to detonate the U.S.'s nuclear weapons? -not only that but I'm pretty sure if all of the U.S.'s nuclear weapons were detonated they would destroy much, if not all of the planet. 12)And finally, whats with all the Greek mythology references? -Olympus -Cerberus -Hydra -Am I missing any? -then there's the non-Greek "Sparkplug" This film cost $70 million to make and somehow went on to make over just over $160 Million at the box office. Oh yeah, and the director also directed Training Day.
  3. Holiday in Shadaloo

    Rumble in the Bronx

    They dub into Cantonese? I thought that a lot of the Hong Kong movies were dubbed into Mandarin since the majority of Chinese speak Mandarin and Cantonese, spoken by the inhabitants of Hong Kong, were spoken by only a minority and thus dubbing into Mandarin was done to appeal to the significantly larger Mandarin-speaking audience. This does make sense though.