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  1. Potato Head

    Episode 480 - Tooth of the Sea

    I hope someday there's a guest brave enough to challenge Scott on the indisputable fact that we're in the throes of April because that will make for some C+ 'tent.
  2. Potato Head

    Episode 263 - Pillow Wizard

    I'd love it if Matty B's confrontation porn could be released as a separate bonus ep. I love everything about this pod, including (especially?) the musical episodes, but the confrontation corner is an immediate switch-off for me. Which was a super bummer for this ep because it was crazy good.
  3. Potato Head

    Episode 446 - Scrounging and Lounging

    Not to mention all the snubs and flubs!
  4. Potato Head

    Episode 442 - Atlantis Dire Warning

    I hope someone figures out whether or not I should be offended by this episode because I'm sure there's another Victor and Tiny appearance coming soon and I need to know whether or not I can enjoy it.
  5. I think Currents is one of the greatest albums of all-time, and yes I realize that's a crazy statement. I don't even really like their other albums and I cringe every time I have to say "Tame Impala" out loud because of how ridiculous that band name is. But my love of that album is like the inverse of Mack Weldon's love of microbes.
  6. Potato Head

    PISTOL SHRIMPS RADIO: Summer Masters Round 1

    The mental image of Matt and Mark tethered together shuffling around a mini golf course amuses me a great deal.
  7. Potato Head

    Episode 429 - Almost Mandatory

    I completely agree, but as a fan of the show you have to respect its power. I got to HNM PFT and it will probably go down as one of my life's great achievements. And you're definitely wrong about Zouks, but hey everybody likes different stuff. Some people even like Smashmouth.
  8. Potato Head

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    Andy Daly? Thomas Lennon?
  9. Potato Head

    EPISODE 357 — Modern Anti-Comedy

    A smone that's farter.
  10. Potato Head

    U2 trivia challenge!

    Old Sourpuss. Question #10: Where did Thedge put El Salvador?
  11. Potato Head

    EPISODE 5 - Andy Daly - Spotlight On: Mr. Joe Bongo

    Did we all feel that moment when Andy started talking about his boat where for a moment he instinctively went into "murder club on international waters" mode, before saving it and keeping it (relatively) clean? Hope I'm not the only one. EDIT: Somehow on a board with 9 posts, I missed Henry's comment. I'm not the only one, hooray.
  12. Potato Head

    EPISODE 354 — Solo Bolo: Dos Lo

    Listen to the most recent Spontaneanation. Two times!
  13. Potato Head

    EPISODE 353 — Goodbye Reggie!

    If we're doing midseason best lists, somebody's gotta mention the Michael Abelson ep. Barely ahead of Gilli and Garry for my #1 so far. Also, this episode was good, and the closing up the plugbag song was a good song.
  14. Potato Head

    So how long...

    I thought they were pretty honest about it. Having to do a weekly podcast about U2 was making it difficult to like U2 as much as they both wanted. And considering how much other content they put out they're really under no obligation to. For me, as long as the show keeps going in some form or another until Bono is on the show or U2 breaks up, I'll be happy.
  15. Potato Head

    EPISODE 5 - Mars Base 3

    As a friend of yours whom you've never met, let me just say that I hope things get better. Also, give me a ride to the airport.