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  1. Today I was standing with a group of coworkers and made a low, creepy chuckle because I couldn't stop thinking about "U Tooted, Bro." What is your single all-time favorite joke from this show?
  2. katexmachina

    Episode 244 — Blast From The Past!

    Yo Laimewads! Come to the fan meetup tonight in L.A.!
  3. katexmachina

    Totally Fan Meetup! (in L.A.)

    This meetup is happening tonight! Hope to see you there at 8:00pm !!!
  4. katexmachina

    Episode 174 — Development

    I want to know more about this basketball league!
  5. katexmachina

    The Identical (2014)

    From the lead actor's IMDb page: Trivia (5) Blake was a website designer prior to becoming an Elvis entertainer. In 1998, he won an Elvis impersonator competition in Columbus, Ohio, after only one week of preparation. His life as an Elvis entertainer paralleled that of the character he played in the film 'The Identical'. Ryan came up with the stage name Blake Rayne which he chose in part because of his love for Batman - it is close to Bruce Wayne. In one scene of the film "The Identical", he broke down crying in a great show of emotion and his fake mustache popped off. Personal Quotes (1) [The acting experience] is just like opening a secret closet that you never knew existed.
  6. katexmachina

    The Identical (2014)

    This movie was made for $16M and has made $2.7M so far. The below text and survey is from the actual film's website: YOU DECIDE! Mainstream film critics did not care for THE IDENTICAL, while Christian reviewers and audiences loved the movie. We are putting the first fifteen minutes online to let you decide for yourself. Tell us what you think of the movie, then, if you agree with those who have already seen it, go see it this weekend in theaters! Who will you side with... AUDIENCES or FILM CRITICS? I agree with AUDIENCES, I loved it! I agree with FILM CRITICS, not for me. Check this box if you will support this Christian film by going to theaters this weekend!
  7. katexmachina

    hey you fuckers

    I thought the first time that I'd heard about U2 was when the Simpsons episode "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" aired when I was 6 years old, and my parents told me that the Be Sharps' rooftop concert was a reference to U2, but I just looked it up and it turns out that was actually a Beatles reference? Bono did give a speech at my college though and he referred to Americans as "the people who said, 'There's the moon, let's take a fucking walk on it!'"
  8. I think you've made me a fan of U2 with this effing podcast goddammit
  9. katexmachina

    Totally Fan Meetup! (in L.A.)

    Hi Laimewads, Laimeweds, and Laimemoms, Join me for a meetup of fans of Totally Laime, Totally Married, Totally Mommy, and Totally Beverages and Sometimes Hot Sauce on Friday, October 3rd! We'll be meeting at The Griffin at 8pm: 3000 Los Feliz Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039 This is a bar so you have to be 21+. They have a "no sports attire" dress code but are otherwise casual so I'll be leaving the Tapout shirt at home. I guess I'll have a sign or something so you can find our booth? Let's play Lame or Totally Rapid Fire! See you there! Kat
  10. katexmachina


    I work at a zoo and every time someone mentions the turtles I have to keep myself from saying, "I'm just blue turtlin' here," or "talkin' 'bout turtle." It happens more often than you'd think.
  11. katexmachina

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Rhinestone question: in the year 2014, counting body modifications, tattoos, hormones/steroids, and facial cosmetic surgery ... who's had more work done between Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton?
  12. katexmachina

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    Junior, The Upside of Anger, Hope Springs, Salt, That's My Boy
  13. katexmachina

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Paul, did you and June ever get the baby gift I sent to the Earwolf studios?
  14. Hey HDTGM fans, I have 2 tickets for the 10pm show (Rhinestone) next Saturday but found out today that I have to go out of state for a funeral. All sales are final with the ticketing company but I thought maybe another Earwolf person might want to buy my tickets off me at cost. Send me a message if you're interested. Kat
  15. Also, "Hermione ... took off ... last shirt" made me LOSE MY MIND WITH LAUGHTER