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    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    The filming location for Gamer was even more dystopian than you can imagine. It was filmed in Downtown Albuquerque, where I was living at the time. The sets blocking off streets was so annoying that I was thrilled to finally drive on one after about a week. Turns out that they had just forgotten to close it, because within a couple of blocks I was driving over and through rubber rubble. A little fake building debris is all that was needed to make downtown look like society/hell future. You may also recognize the plaza in society from The Man Who Fell to Earth and some scenes in late Breaking Bad. Take a look at this "blopper" reel and I am sure you will recognize more from Breaking Bad and Saul. https://youtu.be/HNc_YBoQZE0
  2. JenniferSohns

    Episode 89 — Gooby

    I didn't watch Gooby before listening to this, but the description of Eugene Levy's character kept reminding me of Splash. Did anyone else get this?
  3. JenniferSohns

    Episode 82.5 — Minisode 82.5

    For your research... http://www.theonion.com/video/actor-shows-incredible-lack-of-commitment-to-role,35271/
  4. JenniferSohns

    Time After Time

    Do you guys ever do British movies? I am watching one from around 1979 that is making my head explode. Time After Time is the story of time travelling H.G Wells chasing after Jack the Ripper in late seventies San Francisco. That not enough for you? How about Malcolm McDowell marveling at every modern innovation in near slapstick fashion as Mr. Wells himself? Seriously, this movie is so bonkers that I am afraid that when I finish watching it will disintegrate and never have existed. Please witness the madness.