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  1. brandenhaize

    EPISODE 104 ā€” ZARDOZ 2

    June's insight on movies is always the most unique perspective imaginable. The subjects she decides to take notes on always amazes me. I wish HDTGM scanned and posted June's notes after every movie viewing. I'd love to read them. Also, I wish we could get an audio commentary from Jason (detailing his thoughts on June's analysis).
  2. brandenhaize

    EPISODE 103 ā€” Zardoz

    Zardoz. What a terrible movie. I can't wait to listen to you rip into this while I'm at work today. IMDB Trivia: "Radio spots (available on the DVD) were narrated by Rod Serling." Rod: "Imagine if you will, a world where the penis is evil, but the gun is good. Oh, and also there's a giant floating stone head for some reason. Wow... this sounds worse than a bad 'Night Gallery' episode."
  3. brandenhaize

    Episode 86.5 ā€” Minisode 86.5

    I looked for a better description of this Online but the best I found was on Urban Dictionary: Pentagram: A five pointed star with a circle around it. An upright star (like the one Ernest is wearing) is used mainly by wicca, but it was also used as a christian symbol, in christianity its meaning is of the five scars of Jesus. One on each arm and leg and one on his side. An inverted star is used in Satanism. It represents either pointing toward Hell or a goats head (depending on how you look at it.)
  4. brandenhaize

    Episode 86 ā€” Ernest Goes To Jail

    Jason Mantzoukas: "I was more of a Where's the Beef guy. I was always following her career. Where's the Beef... in Space?!" I need to see this movie!
  5. FYI, there's another Black Devil Doll movie, made in 2007. http://www.imdb.com/...ref_=fn_al_tt_1 In the FAQ section of that IMDB page, they address if it's a remake/rip-off of the original. I found their response kind of funny/interesting: "Black Devil Doll From Hell is one of the many inspirations for our film. It is not an official remake or sequel. If anything it is a homage to BDDFH, and we are proud to say so. Yes, both dolls are Black, the titles are similar, and both films feature some sex, but that's the end of the similarities. The script, plot, story, dialog, characters in our film are original and do not have anything in common with Black Devil Doll From Hell. I think our trailer should make it pretty clear that our film is an entirely different beast than BDDFH." I'm really not sure why I felt the need to post this, other than to share some useless trivia. Anyway, good show Jake.
  6. The Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator looks like the gaming console from the 1999 movie "eXistenZ".
  7. Jake: "By the way, people right now are listening to a podcast where two dudes talk about the different sound mixes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show AND I DON'T CARE!" Hilarious! Great show, Jake.
  8. Like a twisted, insidious drug-pusher, Andy Daly gave us a tiny taste of exhilarating podcasts... and then disappeared once we were all addicted. This unexpected hiatus, however long it lasts, will be one hell of a nasty detox period.
  9. brandenhaize

    Episode 84 ā€” No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    There was a huge plot of undeveloped desert landscape near my childhood home, and I used to play there all the time during the day. At night it was a big homeless hangout. I used to hunt for porno magazines (and even porno newspapers) all the time. I found tons of material I'd then horde for myself. I used to love that place as a kid. Now that I'm an adult, however, I'm totally disgusted with myself (for having touched that filthy crap. I'm lucky I didn't get some kind of disease).
  10. Best episode yet, Jake! I'm glad I'm not the only one who knew nothing about Negativland. After hearing all the stories I was dumbfounded, wondering, "How the hell have I not heard of this until now???"
  11. brandenhaize

    Episode 83.5 ā€” Minisode 83.5

    I have no wife, no children, and no life because I like to keep my priorities straight. I put podcasting first, above all other things! While HDTGM has slowed down a bit, some of you might like to listen to my podcast at TortureVision.com. We review bad movies and "very special" classic television shows. Some advanced warning: We're nowhere near as funny as HDTGM, perhaps even when we're competing with their silence. So check TortureVision out now... It's the podcast no one is listening to!
  12. brandenhaize

    Episode 81 ā€” Mortal Kombat

    In the next video game -to- movie adaptation you cover, please make June play the game first... and also film that experience for the rest of us to watch on YouTube.
  13. brandenhaize

    Episode 80.5 ā€” Minisode 80.5

    First we get episodes on Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter... and now Mortal Kombat? Awesome! Does that mean we might also get an episode on any of the shitty Resident Evil movies soon? Let's keep the awful video game -to- movie adaptations coming!
  14. brandenhaize

    Episode 80 ā€” Jack Frost: LIVE!

    Without a doubt this was the best live episode of HDTGM ever, and the second opinions were beyond insane.
  15. brandenhaize

    Episode 79 ā€” Deck the Halls: LIVE!

    For Corrections and Omissions: When DeVito's house is finally seen from space (at the end of the movie) he did nothing to make it brighter than it originally was during his big "live-DJ" show. So are we supposed to believe it was Christmas spirit that made the house visible? The lights weren't enough... we needed all the Whos in Whoville to come together and make magic happen.