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  1. ivyadelaide

    Episode 432 - Dana Carvey's Micro-Impressions

    Little Dammit Man reminded me of Mookie Blaiklock's MJ. Those two characters together would be hilarious and so annoying!
  2. Guys, Cody hasn't tweeted since August 2015. Do you think the boys' take-down of his outrageous twitter feed prompted this? What a pussy, this CodyBoy.
  3. ivyadelaide

    Episode 390 - The Oh, Hello Show

    Just more proof that's going to be impossible for Scott to truly retired this catchphrase. It annoys the shit out of me that he refuses to engage.
  4. ivyadelaide

    EPISODE 388 — Breath Before Death

    Best Of' voting, where?
  5. ivyadelaide

    EPISODE 385 — The Beatles of Cults

    When will voting for the Best Ofs for this year be open? Earlier in the year, Scott said 'around Halloween'.
  6. ivyadelaide

    Recommended starting point for newbie to HH

    GUYS! Update, I'm officially hooked. Sean and Hayes are cracking my whole shit up, all the time. Not too spooky, minimal skellingtons thank god!
  7. Hey all! I'm a long-time Earwolf listener, and want to start getting into Hollywood Handbook. But I have no idea where to start. Go from the first ep up till now? I'm just aware of the fact that some shows don't start getting into their 'groove' right from the start, so didn't know if it was worth starting right at the first ep? Are there specific ones which are stand-outs? I am a huge fan of CBB, HDTGM, Womp it up and Special Guest with Lauren Lapkus if that helps.
  8. WHO GIVES A SHIT FUCKFACE? Also, Chris Christie. Yes.
  9. Paul played the clip at the end where the weirdo rollerblader hits on Mick HARCORE with her bizarre monologue, then when she rolls away the kid says 'What a chatterbox...nice arse though'. What the hell? And the creepy teacher says, outloud, how much she loves Mick's arse. Seriously?!
  10. TOTALLY different movies but both SO worthy. Big Momma's House was on tv last night and just reminded me of how fucking NUTS it is! I haven't seen the sequels but I suspect they're even worse. In the same vibe, The Nutty Professor movies would actually be good too now that I think of it. Barry Lyndon. Have others seen this? It's SO LONG and is trying SO hard to be an epic, but totally fails. Ryan O'Neal is so so fail in this movie and his little kid is hilarious!!!!!!