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  1. senorroboto2k5

    U2's new album to be out soon

    I'm going to wait to listen to the album until they put out a new episode. Hopefully they are both in town!
  2. senorroboto2k5

    Episode 9 — Slowing It Down

    It's hilarious hearing Adam & Scott get contentious with each other It started last week. Now they've added Engineer Cody's groin into the mix. Gold.
  3. senorroboto2k5

    Episode 81.5 — Minisode 81.5

    Beyond thrilled they're doing this movie. But I'm going to need them to do Kazaam in the near future though. NBA players-turned-movie stars is an untapped HDTGM mine
  4. senorroboto2k5

    Which movies have you seen/own?

    I only own Batman & Robin, Street Fighter, Godzilla, and Jingle All the Way... they were made in my childhood when I couldn't tell what a bad movie was.
  5. KAZAAM IS LEADING THIS POLL IN VOTES. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T PASS IT UP. PLEASE. It's a bad movie worth HDTGM time. It's bad in outrageous ways, has Shaq, plenty of worthwile material for the podcast, etc. It still follows Shaq around to this day. PLEASE.