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  1. Valerieblaise

    EPISODE 119.5 - MINISODE 119.5

    I watched the "He-Man" cartoons as a kid and this was...less good. IMDB's trivia says that this movie was based on the toys, NOT the series, so I guess we're 35 years overdue for the movie of my Barbie making out with GI Joe until I got bored and put Barbie's head on GI Joe's body and vice-versa. If I had to pick a least favorite thing about the movie, I'd say it's He-Man's mullet. He-Man will always have a pageboy in my mind. The actress who played Teela, Chelsea Field, looked so familiar I had to look her up. I think I remember her from "The Last Boy Scout" more than her roles in "Perfect" and "Death Spa." If they drop the live podcasts both right after this one, will that be the first time someone has appeared in 3 HDTGM movies in a row? It's pretty impressive to tie with Jennifer Lopez and Al Pacino for 3-timer in a 6 week period. OK, maybe "impressive" isn't the right word, but it's something.
  2. Valerieblaise

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    Well, in all honestly we can't even come close to accurately guessing which kind of diabetes Baby-O has, because he's a fictional character written by people who are clueless about diabetes altogether. However, I just want to point out that your own cite contradicts what you just said. From that last link, "In the earlier stages of type-2 diabetes when glucose counter-regulatory responses are still functional, hypoglycemia is less common than in patients with type 1 diabetes. However, since progressive β-cell failure is a key patho-physiological feature of type 2 diabetes, the characteristics of disease and frequency of hypoglycemic episodes eventually approach that of type 1 diabetes.[8]" So hypoglycemia is always more prevalent in Type 1, but as Type 2 progresses, they almost catch up. I do agree with you that w/o Baby-O's diabetes, the movie couldn't have happened, unless they figured out a better medical emergency/Nic Cage heroism opportunity. I'm mostly amused that they gave him a problem that could have been easily solved with a can of soda and didn't know it. The movie was still tremendously fun.
  3. Valerieblaise

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    What they actually portrayed was a low blood sugar episode, which is incredibly dangerous and deadly if not treated. If you see a Type 1 diabetic sweating and getting weak, confused, and panicked, here is a short list of medical treatments that will save their life: fruit juice, a Mr. Pibb, a sandwich you happen to have, some crackers you found in your purse, honey, maple syrup, a tube of cake icing, a couple spoonfuls of jelly, a donut, some Faygo from a Juggalo friend, sugar packets from your coat pocket, a Slushie, a popsicle, a bag of gummi bears... you get the idea What is NOT on that list is insulin. Because giving insulin to a person with dangerously low blood sugar will fucking kill them! I explained more about high blood sugar here http://forum.earwolf...post__p__141866
  4. Valerieblaise

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    I posted some Baby-O diabetes stuff in the mini-episode thread, and I don't know if it's OK to quote yourself here, so that's on page 2 of that thread if you want to know how wrong they got diabetes. However, Seth Grahame-Smith was wrong that Cameron Poe giving Baby-O a Hostess Snoball was problematic. Given his physical shape, there's no way Baby-O has Type 2 Diabetes and is on insulin - being that muscular and not overweight, he could completely control Type 2 via diet and exercise, MAYBE some oral diabetes meds at most. So, he has to be a Type 1 Diabetic, meaning he has to take insulin daily (likely twice a day, but I don't know how much insulin dosing has changed in the past 20 years). Insulin makes blood sugar go lower, and so does physical activity. Carbohydrates (not just sugar) make blood sugar go up. That Snoball is no better or worse for his blood sugar than a couple pieces of toast or a small serving of rice. Baby-O is mopping the floors when Cameron hands him the Snoball, which is enough activity to drop his blood sugar. He might well have needed a boost right then. If I spend too long walking around Costco, my sugar can drop enough that I have to have some juice or soda right away, unless I'm lucky and it's a food sample day. So I'd say the Snoball scene is neutral or correct with regards to Diabetes, unlike every single other 'betes-related element of this movie.
  5. Valerieblaise

    EPISODE 107.5 — Minisode 107.5

    "Con Air" might be the most fun movie they've done. I think I saw it on cable in the late '90's, but I was drunk then, so I didn't remember much. I just now watched it and really enjoyed it. My favorite line was probably "Don't. Treat. Women. Like. That." That's just good writing. Is this the movie that made Danny Trejo think John Cusack is the scariest man in Hollywood or whatever he said? My only real complaint is Nic Cage's hair. It wasn't OK for the time period and it's just unacceptable now. NC's southern accent made me think that instead of "Would this be better with Nic Cage," we could ask "Would this be better with Keanu Reeves?" ETA: as a Type 1 Diabetic, I can tell you they pretty much got everything about Baby-O's diabetes wrong. If he couldn't get his insulin for a few extra hours, his blood sugar would probably go up somewhat, and it would be a bad idea for him to eat anything. He would be irritable and tired. The whole shaking/sweating/passing out/on the verge of a coma thing? That's from low blood sugar, which is a result of too much insulin or not enough food, and the solution is to eat or drink something sugary. Now, an insulin-dependent diabetic shouldn't go whole days w/o insulin (hence the word "dependent"), but that also presumes regular meals and activity. This was not a normal day, and Baby-O didn't have them swing the plane through the McDonald's drive-through, so him not getting his shot on time would cause zero drama. However, I'm not mad at Con Air about this, because every single movie and tv show that tries to use diabetes for drama gets it completely backwards, and at least this movie had John Malkovich.
  6. Valerieblaise

    EPISODE 106.5 — Minisode 106.5

    Good things about Lake Placid: it was only 82 minutes long Bad things about Lake Placid: pretty much everything else
  7. Valerieblaise

    EPISODE 106 — Deep Blue Sea: LIVE!

    While the lack of actual June was a let down, they could not have picked a better All-Star than PFT. He was, as always, hilarious and perfect. Evan Goldberg was a good guest, too. I liked having 1 person genuinely defending the movie. This may end up being one of my favorite episodes, even though it gets a C- at best for host attendance.
  8. Valerieblaise

    EPISODE 105.5 — MINISODE 105.5

    Oh! I forgot about that dumb bird! I had to check imdb because it sounded like Amy Sedaris. Sadly, it wasn't her. Imagine this movie if the parrot was Jerri Blank. That's just a quality film that didn't happen.
  9. Valerieblaise

    EPISODE 105.5 — MINISODE 105.5

    If I had to pick the best thing about this movie, it would be that every time someone gets eaten, it looks like a cartoon shark ripping apart a Barbie or Ken doll. 2nd best thing is that Thomas Jane is a pretty, pretty man. I'm looking forward to this episode because honestly, the movie - for what it is - wasn't terrible, just sort of cheeseball. I might actually watch it again, because action sequences make me all ADD, so I spent half the movie goofing around online and then having to rewind when I realized someone had just been chomped. I probably missed some stuff. The conversation where they're trying to find the dead lady's vibrator batteries was odd. It seemed like maybe they were trying to be funny, but it just came off badly. Then again, maybe they were trying to be clever. "Where would we find batteries other than a flashlight or clock radio? Somewhere a scientist/compulsive masturbator would think to look?" Then again, I don't remember any of the dialogue being all that good, so it's really just one scene of many that could have benefitted from the writers asking themselves, "How do human beings talk?" I did find Stellan Skaarsgard's (not going to look up the correct spelling) death to be the scariest of all of them. Being tied down to that metal stretcher thing under water and being aware but helpless seems worse than being eaten alive quickly. Samuel L. Jackson didn't even have time to register that he was going to get eaten. If you're going to die via shark, I think that's the better option.
  10. Valerieblaise

    Episode 102.5 — Minisode 102.5

    I just finished watching Zardoz. I was wondering what the fuck?
  11. Valerieblaise

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    Oh, they are. They fucking are.
  12. Valerieblaise

    Episode 96 — Monkey Shines

    I agree with you and June about the first half. It certainly could've been shortened a little, but while I wondered when they were going to get to the scary brain surgery thing, I was mildly-to-fully interested in the first hour. One thing that jumped out at me during the podcast was that they kept referring to John Pankow. The male cast of this movie other than Allan was Cousin Ira, the Tooch (allowing for different spelling on that one) and Jimmy James. I actually recognized Ugly Doctor as a small town doctor from the 1994 tv miniseries of "The Stand," but I recognized his voice before his face & that one is pretty obscure. Also another tiny Stephen King/Romero connection.
  13. Valerieblaise

    Episode 94.5 — Minisode 94.5

    I always assumed Madea was just a lovable family- movie character, and since family-friendly movies aren't my thing, I never saw any of the those movies. But after watching this pile of garbage movie, I feel like you don't get to make millions dressing up as a woman when you clearly hate them. Someone upthread said that there was a kernel of a good idea in there, and I kind of agree. If this was about a couple that struggled and didn't make it, or a couple that struggled and decided to work through it, and it was approached with the idea that both people are flawed and human, it could have been interesting. By giving Judith flimsy justifications for her unhappiness like Brice forgetting her birthday and her inability to open her own practice right that very minute, she's painted as a spoiled child while Brice is the mature voice of reason. She's the "bad" one before she ever cheats. The fact that the first incident of cheating was rape has already been covered, but obviously after that she gets into a relationship with Harley because he acknowledges her birthday and promises to finance her marriage counseling practice. And of course she is punished for this with AIDS. Hell, even Brandy is punished with AIDS, for the sin of sleeping with her cheating husband. I think we were supposed to think her character was wise for "accepting" her "part in it," as though the scumbag rapist that gave her AIDS wasn't 100% to blame. That made me furious. Besides the overwhelming misogyny, the movie was pretty sitcom-tastic. Judith was on "Full House," Brandy was on "Brandy," and the pharmacy lady is the Nanny's mom. I'd say that was a factor in some of the bad acting, but they didn't even get the obvious laugh lines right. Most of Mrs. Nanny's lines were supposed to be funny, but they fell so flat. Ugh. This is likely the last Tyler Perry movie I'll ever see. I have no reason to think he's capable of making a compelling drama OR any kind of comedy.
  14. Valerieblaise

    Episode 94 — Glitter: LIVE!

    I'm with you - I love the live episodes for exactly those reasons. Also, the sound quality doesn't seem THAT bad to me. I can generally understand what everyone is saying, which is really all I'm looking for. I listen on my iPhone and in my car, and I've never had difficulty understanding what is going on. It kind of seems like people might be looking for reasons to complain. About the free entertainment that arrives in their homes as if by magic. Back to "Glitter" - I've been trying to figure out how to articulate this for a couple days. The All-Stars mentioned that it seems like Billie has no passion for the music business, but it seemed like more than that to me. I can't remember a main character in a movie who has as little motivation or drive as she does. She just goes with happens near her. Gig as a backup singer/dancer - falls into her lap. Manager/boyfriend - he chases her into the street as she leaves the club, so ok. Record label - she wants to sign with the first one that shows up, but her manager/bf makes her wait for the 2nd label that shows interest. So none of the plot of the movie is driven by her. The one thing that she KIND OF seems to care about is finding her mother, but she makes one attempt and then gives up, while Dice somehow magically finds her. Then she falls asleep in the back of a limo and arrives at her mother's house. There's just no effort - she doesn't even have to work on her singing or learn to write songs or anything. Just innate talent. I don't see how anyone could feel anything for the character, because she's just a blank slate that is handed fame & a career.
  15. Valerieblaise

    Angel (1984)

    I had no idea there were sequels. I remember seeing the original in video stores in the '80's when I was a kid. I wasn't allowed to rent rated R movies, so I just remember seeing the cover and thinking it must be REALLY scary and/or dirty. Not so much.