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  1. StickyKeys

    Best of 2018 Pt. 1

    Where on earth did Power Bottom Ebenezer Scrooge even come from? It's AMAZING, but how did it start?
  2. StickyKeys

    Episode 527 - Hootie Hoo

    "Well look at God!" :lol:
  3. Scott's refusal (or inability) to say INTRESTING-nest vs INTERESTING-ness is hilarious, lol. And it took Cliff Huxtable to pull him out, ha! Also, I legit died at "At first it was a scam, I was petrified".
  4. "Probably something racist because I'm just a dude from Nebraska." As a black chick from Nebraska? I feel this on EVERY level. <3 Tawny
  5. LOOOOVE this ep! I full on fell out at "it's a Little Women reference". Such great talent, the ladies killed it and Shaun was amazing. PFT is everthing always, that goes without saying. Great ep!
  6. StickyKeys

    Episode 208 - The Hitch

    I did enjoy this! Quite a bit, it was really great!
  7. StickyKeys

    Episode 469 - Quiznos What QuizDid

    First off, great start to Black History Month (lol) and loooooving the ruination of my childhood by imagining Carmen San Diego's supple breasts, round bum and Victoria Secret thong! I'm a work crying and trying not to burst out laughing! Loving this ep!
  8. StickyKeys

    Episode 208 - The Hitch

    I hate Shelley Hennig a lot. Am I going to be able to enjoy this?
  9. StickyKeys

    Episode 103 - Terrible Parents

    Loved this soooo much!
  10. StickyKeys

    Paywall Special Announcement

    Just wanted to say again, thank you, Paul! Really appreciate the update and am glad you guys are working so hard to find a solution.
  11. I agree that most podcasts are meant to be free. NPR doesn't charge, neither does loudspeakers or just about any other podcasting network. It's something I've side-eyed earwolf about for a long time. They will monetize literally everything and while I'm not against it, I also hate the idea it's normal. And the thing Fister Roboto said about advertising is correct, it's one of the reasons the promo codes are constantly changing.
  12. StickyKeys

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    Are the Taylor Ann shots a joke, because that seems super rude? Also, it's exactly what some of y'all have been doing with the whole "THEY SHED BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS FOR THIS PODCAST AND YOU WON'T GIVE THEM $5?!?!?!" so.... Also, this whole argument dismissal of "if you don't like it, don't do it" didn't work in third grade, and isn't going to work now. I have an opinion that I shared (not even at the degradation of anyone else's) and it was valid. Also, the issue wasn't that I couldn't get the eps, but that they charged for what once was free. It was a crappy situation when Hulu did it (which I just cancelled btw) and it was crappy the way they're doing it now (which they know and are working on, I know). Just because it's happening or is inevitable doesn't mean I have to like it. ALL OF THAT SAID! Man, this audience was something else, wasn't it? Snake Stiltskin really brings out the weird in people.
  13. StickyKeys

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    Just wanted to say I appreciate Paul's intro at the end. I do remember hearing about this, but since so much time had passed, I'd forgotten it was a thing. I just wondered why I didn't have access to any older, unsaved episodes. I don't think this is an issue of "paying for art". This show and others make money off the live shows and merch which I'm completely fine with. The ads can be annoying and excessive, but it's something I'm willing to put up with. My problem with this particular paywall is the same I always have. If I'm paying for Netflix,Amazon, HBO Go/Now,Showtime, Hulu, etc, am I going to want to add another sum for podcasts that used to be free? It's one thng to add it for something like the CBB livetours, or exclusive content, but to charge me to listen to the same thing I previously had access to seems excessive. And if the Howl app is anything like the woefully buggy See-So app, then I'm not really enthused about adding another expense. That said, I hope they get it worked out in a pleasing way. Now to listen to the current ep while I still can.