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    Zandalee (1991)

    Has anyone seen this? It looks truly awful. At the very least it looks like Judge Reinhold and Nick Cage are having a civil war facial hair battle. It has a 33% on ROtten Tomatoes
  2. "It’s 1864. Them wacky Yankees is at it again! Tryin’ to use living dinosaurs as weapons of mass destruction against the South. But ole Dixie has more than a few tricks still left up her sleeve." https://www.dinosaurkingdomii.com/ I am genuinely asking if this is racist.
  3. lochmonster

    Intro Music?

    There was an intro they only used a few times and it was like a Rock-n-Roll, Kid Rock sounding track. I was wondering if it was on-line anywhere? Maybe soundcloud? Yes I sometimes do want to hear the intro themes on my commute. Thanks in advance!
  4. lochmonster

    Doctor Detroit (1983)

    Doctor (Woot! Woot!), Doctor Detroit! That chant is all I remember from that movie. That and Detrioit's "Crime Boss" was an overweight white lady. Gloriously awful!
  5. lochmonster

    Jaws Prequel...

    A few episodes ago the gang made a offhand joke about a Jaws prequel. WELP! Guess what's going to be starring Nicholas Cage and be directed by Mario VanPeebles?!?! "USS Indianapolis" Is essentially the story that quint tells in the scene where they are comparing scars & drinking. http://variety.com/2...ive-1201422962/
  6. lochmonster

    Holy Man (1998)

    Sitting pretty at 12% on Rotten Tomatoes, HOLY MAN is a huge waste of time starring Jeff Goldblum, Eddie Murphy, Kelly Preston and Robert Loggia just to name a few. Most of the movie is just moving Eddie Murphy to one scene after another to do some outrageous "comedy" as a "spiritualist" (I guess?!?) named "G" who saves lives and saves dollars on the Home Shopping Network. Utter garbage! Check out the immensely unfunny trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e3YGlFWtDs
  7. lochmonster

    EPISODE 130 β€” Rubbing Plants On Ourselves

    Yeah, 1 minute in and we're back to the King of Sweden from last week.
  8. lochmonster

    EPISODE 106 β€” Deep Blue Sea: LIVE!

    They didn't mention it, but there's a scene where Michael Rappaport's character with some other crew memebers are searching through Dr McCallaster's cabin for supplies and Michael Rappaport character says something to the affect of "She seems like a healthy gal, I'm sure she has something the runs on batteries." implying she keeps a martial aid in her room. I would have loved it if there was a call back to that and a vibrator floats past the camera at some crucial point in time with they needed batteries. Checkov's Dildo
  9. lochmonster

    Episode 109 β€” Is There A Dingy?

    Son of the Beach, that was the Baywatch parody. Also there was an episode of "Cosby" (NOT The Cosby Show!) where he purchases a cappacino machine but sadly I can not find any clips of it online
  10. lochmonster

    Other RPG's

    DUNGEON WORLD! It's my new favorite RPG, very old school and easy to use, modify, run, play. Running a campaign for the past 6 months with my friends. Highly reccomend you check it out. http://www.dungeon-world.com/