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  1. Ajam

    Episode 216.5 β€” 1/23/15 TWO CHARTED 155

    Is anybody else having the problem of Who Charted episodes not showing up in iTunes? Whooch and Twooch are not showing up for me this week, even after I refresh. EDIT: Turns out I'm an idiot and unsubscribed somehow. #fuckbotch
  2. Ajam

    Episode 199 β€” Freedom and Abandon

    Came here to ask if a chartist could find the video of Nova at Summahfest goin off on the guy, but then I found it. Also not feeling the hate everyone has on Nova and this episode. I think she's a lot like Howard in some ways which is great to hear.
  3. Ajam

    Welcome to the Summah Section

    This is the most Summah thing I've seen in 2014, can't wait to get my toobs wet next weekend. http://www.9news.com...k-day/12664837/
  4. Ajam

    Episode 188 β€” Summah Donkey

    We need to see a clip of this. MLoPDX where did you find it??
  5. Ajam

    Welcome to the Summah Section

    Can anyone tell me the name of the Swimmin' Hole app Howard mentioned?
  6. Ajam

    Episode 157 β€” Mumble Pie

    Damn straight you better plug Cholula, Kulap. The girl has good taste!
  7. I was just catching up on my charts today and I realized something crazy: The song "I'm not paying $500 to watch douchebags eat turkey" is the same melody as "Last day of Summah"! Check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzocwTITnd0 Kind of like Sloppy Timmy and Summah Sirens.
  8. Ajam

    Episode 144.5 β€” TWO CHARTED 83

    The end of this episode made me super happy where Howard realizes that he totally fucking crushed Summah 2013. You hear a lot of overly self-degrading talk out of Wie sometimes and it's just great to hear that he had a no regrets Summah. So much so that non-Summah doesn't even threaten anymore. It made me realize that in 2013 I too had a Summah MORE THAN EVAH!
  9. Ajam

    Episode 144.5 β€” TWO CHARTED 83

    Could not agree more about one of the best parts of Summah ending is the death of baseball.
  10. Ajam

    Episode 143 β€” Normies

    I would love to hear a video game chart every few months, they should bring that back.
  11. Ajam

    Episode 143 β€” Normies

    Just started the episode. Here's what I'm picturing: