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  1. Yes. I am working under a project titled DUMBIDIOT. You listen to my fist EP here
  2. listening to your music now and painting Mr. Bear! May i also spam my music?
  3. oh yes i heard sircrancha makes everything like ice cream taste better
  4. I am eating the old pizza on ketchup thing.
  5. Just a heads up guys. The letterman has stopped t.v., so your letters will no longer be read via television broadcast but you will have to try out this new technology which is either e-mail or instagram. Except for Mr. Diaper, his letters will still be broadcasted on channel 203, as always, by Letterman, as well as all the text he adds to the internet.
  6. Praying for you and your son. I hate violence, but if you guys can make it quick and make it look cool, i am guessing it won't be scary... still the idea of cookie monster taking a punch is really freaky in my mind. just tell your son this is the real fight of the century and yes, you guys are gonna get that 130 mill~
  7. Mr. Diaper... Is this a video game or real life?
  8. A message from my body: Hey Guys, I am just hanging out underneath this interesting/boring guy's neck, face and eyes. sometimes i get a snack and put it in his mouth or sometimes I write good poem and sometimes I writhe crazily or I do a huge jump. But my big question is, should I let him lick the Dorito dust off his fingers or should I secretly grab for a wipe and wipe it off? -end message- Hey Guys BH here, does anyone know the episode where there is a guy laying on the floor, and then like his girlfriend or intruder trips over him? Anyways I can't remember but that script has always stuck with me because it is so nuts. if any of you can think of this one, please please let me know #TeamRashid
  9. Did everyone make it back home safely?
  10. DanielLuna

    EPISODE 351 β€” CBB: The Movie

    You forgot my 1 star rating.
  11. DanielLuna

    EPISODE 351 β€” CBB: The Movie

    Hey guys.. just checked out some HH eps. And not to do a spoiler like the movie but they average about .01 comedy games per episode which unfortunately isnt enough to keep me listening. and it is an insider information podcast and not a comedy show And thank you for introducing me to this scott but NO THANKS. #solobolos4lyfe #funnygames #ccbb4lifeseanhayesnotfunnyhollywoodhandbooknotgood
  12. DanielLuna

    EPISODE 82 β€” Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    submission for the world title of Handsome Boy
  13. DanielLuna

    EPISODE 82 β€” Neil Casey, Our Close Friend

    Not sure what the joke is here. Something about a mouse needing three holes instead of one? Anyways what's up mice :#HollywoodHandbook. Also would love to see Jon Dore sit in with the HHbros sometime in 2015 pleeeease~
  14. γ€œ(οΏ£β–½οΏ£γ€œ)
  15. Hey Guys, This doesn't have to do with any topic, but I just saw the Ant-Man trailer starring Paul Rudd. Anyways, I know movies are an essential theme to the podcast but there are some really good lines in the movie, and now I am looking forward to this baby. β€œImagine a soldier the size of an insect,” says a rather ominous voice. β€œThe ultimate secret weapon.” Another one~* β€œYou tried to hide your suit from me,” he says. β€œNow, it’s going to blow up in your face and destroy everyone you care about.” ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Also in The Ant-Man News A Comic Book Nut with a controversial statement. When Entertainment Tonight caught up with David Dastmalchian at the Hollywood premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron earlier this week, the actor best known to the Cbm community as one of the Joker's henchmen in The Dark Knight had discussed his transition from DC to Marvel in the Ant-Man adaptation. "That's like a badge of honor for me," he said. "I'm a comic book nut, I have been my whole life, so to have worked in both universes is pretty cool. That was one of the first things that one of the [Marvel] producers said: 'One of those guys who has done both world'" When asked who would win in a fight between Ant-Man and Batman, David Destmalchian said without any hesitation: "Oh Ant-Man would totally kick Batman's ass." ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Also a video of my dogs
  16. First frame is doneβŠ‚(・(ェ)・)βŠƒ
  17. Scuzzman Good. Dom Good. Sean Good.
  18. was that not the engineer episode?
  19. Goldie. is it true what they say about left handers? As a fellow Hammer, what is your stance on Kate Hudon's brother calling her Hammerhead? WOuld you say you hang out with more Pepsi guys or Coca-Cola guys?
  20. SORRY!~ (ο½‘βœΏβ€ΏβœΏο½‘)
  22. Dinner??... mmm no thanks~~
  23. Maybe using a yard stick is best. Or you can measure the speed of wine by using a radar gun on a truck carrying wine bottles. Just make sure you know if the gun is set to measure in KMPH or MPH. Hope it helps.
  24. Been listening since show #1 BB~*~* The only difference is I was out getting effing laid everyday while you were typing on your computer like a freaking tiny dweeb. But these days are revenge of the nerds.
  25. I wanna see the pic!~ But I went to http://forum.earwolf.com/forum/57-hollywood-handbook/ and next to the "hot" buttons, it gives a count of the replies, click that and it will pop up.