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    Episode 72 — Toys

    i realised this wasn't a movie for kids when the general was talking to his dad, and telling the story about how one of his men tried to frag him and the dad responds with, "big c*ck?".
  2. SimonJosephTruebloodIII

    Episode 71 — The Glimmer Man

    A couple of things to remember while watching this movie: Deer antler tea, is for boosting masculinity. Deer peen powder,is for allergies. Yes, breast implants have serial numbers, and have infact helped identify bodies http://www.cnn.com/2...ia.model.death/. On another note, near the end of the movie when they're in the apartment building and Keenen runs into those kids with the guns, and he makes a Sesame Street reference, something about Big Bird. Then in the very next scene Seagal walking past a garbage can outside the door, that is very much akin to something Oscar the Grouch would live in, was hilarious. This was my favorite low key joke of the movie.
  3. SimonJosephTruebloodIII

    Episode 70 — Gymkata: LIVE!

    His face was a goddamn mess.