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    Episode 53 — Parn's Village

    One of the (admittedly few) things we know about the necromancer is that he's got a prideful streak as wide as the day is long. It absolutely feels in character for him to trash a ship to try and kill the party in the most spectacular possible way. Before they were just a thorn in his side, but he's now actively sabotaging his own plans just to fuck with the party. Not only is he crazypants bananas, but he is not the sort of person to eliminate rivals quietly. He wants to see them suffer, no matter the cost to him (Did I mention the pride thing? he sees them as a delay, an annoyance at best. Not a serious threat, something to be toyed with and disposed of, because he thinks his victory is inevitable.)
  2. Walks

    Episode 53 — Parn's Village

    I really really hope 'lifeboat' catches on, because I think it's the funniest damn thing
  3. Walks

    Episode 48 — Priest of Judas

    Getting to hear a little bit of Sir Richard's backstory was awesome, although now I really want to know whether his... less than scrupulous past is reflected in his stats at all besides that one thing that came up today.
  4. Walks

    Episode 47 — The Big Chamber

    Alignments in D&D, like many things in D&D, only make sense when you don't think about them too hard. They are useful at a glance, yeah, but they're also part of some really serious parts of gameplay. I think it's just one of the breaks from reality you have to live with as a d&d player/dm. does it make any sense? not really, but it's one of the core mechanics of the game, so you kind of have to take it and all it implies in stride.
  5. Walks

    Episode 40 — Going Back To The Choppa

    I've been wondering this too! I have a vague memory of them just being left in the elevator shaft of souls, but I'm not sure if that actually happened or not.
  6. Walks

    Episode 39 — Mildred Awakens

    Oh man, Mildred not being an active member of the group really throws the whole party a little out of whack. ... I hope she snaps out of it soon, she's my favourite.