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    Episode 4 β€” Loss Of Privacy

    Since I am from a different generation I find it interesting that you are more "concerned" about how individuals could use your info than how the government could. I am thinking that you have a lot of trust in the government. For me... I am concerned about, if we continue to be complacent about the invasion of our privacy by the government/big business (same thing) we are opening ourselves up for a time where these type of pod-casts, articles, discussions ... will be banned or criminalized. We have seen( in the not too distant past) people put on blacklists for being suspected of being communists and people imprisoned for being Japanese (two examples off the top of my head). Once we accept all the propaganda unquestioning, we become the obedient β€œdrones” that the unethical desire. I am of the theory that absolute power corrupts absolutely and I do not want my government to have absolute power. I don't want to sound like a nut-job (ok...maybe I am ...a little) but, I feel it is extremely important to remember that the government is not necessarily here just for our protection but also to control our reasoning and actions. Take for example the propaganda / debate on marijuana.... Dr Sanjay Gupta after reading the government research on MMJ... classified it as a dangerous narcotic with no medical benefits. But after looking past the governments research and at independent studies … realizes that there are significant benefits for people. We as a nation need to encourage people to have independent thoughts and be able to freely express those thoughts, without the concern that someone in power will disagree and effectively stop our rights to free speech and thought.