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  1. Jesse Carrigan

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    Minivans are great. I was never more thankful for our van than when we were moving into our apartment and could fit a loveseat into the back with no problem. I'm on vacation and I miss it.
  2. Jesse Carrigan

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    I. Have. Never. In 7 years of listening to this podcast (no big deal) stopped an episode before the end, but I was so exhausted listening to this one that I stopped it over 40 minutes from the end. I may return to hear the audience Q & A on my upcoming vacation, but I need some time to rest, do some self-care, reflect on my life choices, and perhaps ingest some edibles to finish it up. I love you all, and if this is the last episode at least it was...well, I don't know what it was. I'm tired
  3. Jesse Carrigan

    Episode 182 - Rock Star: LIVE!

    Dammit. I guess I'm going to write a Second Opinion on "Rock Star". I have loved this movie forever and saw it twice in the theater on its original run, so I'm responsible for at least $15 of that $17m. I remember it vividly, because I was going through a time in my life that was fairly complicated. I lived in the same tiny town I grew up in, with my parents, was starting to play guitar, working a crappy job, and trying to figure out how to be an adult without a ton of help. I had grown up working poor and I didn't have a great sense of what my prospects were. I felt trapped and very directionless. Because of a somewhat sheltered upbringing I had missed a ton of popular music and was sort of rebelling by working my way from the old blues musicians, through classic rock, to 80s metal, and grunge. (Lots of rap-rock on the radio at the time.) Something about the trailer for this movie captured me and I went to see it, and I cried at the end both times when Chris leaves the band. It felt like I was being given permission. I didn't have to stay in that small town like my friends from high school did; there was a bigger world out there and I could learn to be myself in it. I love every song in this stupid movie and I still get "Stand Up and Shout" stuck in my head sometimes. I remember getting chills when Chris auditions "We All Die Young" for the band. I think the music in this movie is the best/dumbest 80s rock that was never recorded, and Steel Dragon is such a ridiculous/awesome band name that I can't believe it wasn't taken. I see all the flaws in this movie and I agree, yet I cannot prevent the idiot magic of it from causing me to bang my head, fist in the air.
  4. Jesse Carrigan

    Episode 035: Are You Ready to Get Back to Work, 007?

    I'm so excited for the continuation of this podcast. With pleasure, M(atts)...with pleasure. https://giphy.com/gifs/VTwSMgoAKOYpO/html5
  5. Jesse Carrigan

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    Very excited to hear that Hard Ticket To Hawaii is on deck. The goofballs at Red Letter Media (of Phantom Menace Review [in]fame) covered it here along with some other pretty great films: http://redlettermedia.com/best-of-the-worst-deadly-prey-hard-ticket-to-hawaii-and-miami-connection/ Deadly Prey is also free to watch on YouTube (or was a while back) and I kind of think it might also be HDTGM-worthy.
  6. Jesse Carrigan

    Spawn (1997)

    Guys, this is on Netflix. Get up on this if you want to see some of the most beautiful nonsense the 1990s could produce.
  7. Jesse Carrigan

    Trailer Talk

    That's ridiculous, Millennials' attention spans are f
  8. Jesse Carrigan

    Trailer Talk

    Which is the happy version?
  9. I'm absolutely certain that Starship One is Maria Blasucci. There are some idiosyncracies in her voice that sound the same.
  10. Jesse Carrigan

    Episode 132 - Bloodsport: LIVE!

    Been busy so it took a while to get to the forums (but not too busy to listen to this episode 3 times because it was so fabulous). I just had to post this:
  11. Jesse Carrigan

    EPISODE 110 — The Island of Dr. Moreau

    And of course, another candidate for a HDTGM movie, the 1993 capoeira-martial-arts-troubled-high-schoolers-drug-lords epic Only the Strong.
  12. Jesse Carrigan

    EPISODE 110 — The Island of Dr. Moreau

    I remember seeing that one as a young boy. It has haunted me since (in a good way...I think).
  13. Jesse Carrigan

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    If you want a movie that prompts the question ... well, you know ... I don't know how you could do better than: A 70-year-old director returning to a violent, gasoline-soaked franchise that he started 36 years ago after a couple of decades making movies like Babe: Pig in the City and Happy Feet In which the protagonist in many ways is not really the titular character, but instead a one-armed woman played by Charlize Theron Eschewing rampant CGI in favor of building a fleet of nightmare machines, each of which is actually driveable Managing to make a frenetic, brutal, fast-paced action film loved by nearly everyone including elderly mothers-in-law A 2-hour exploding car chase that is secretly an art film on which Eve Ensler consulted regarding sex slavery Someone finally making good use of Tom Hardy's whiskey-and-petrol-soaked pipes Seriously, how...?
  14. Jesse Carrigan

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    I didn't bother waiting until the end. When the flamethrower guitarist showed up I involuntarily began applauding.