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  1. Well...a lot of folks mentioned mackerel. Now that I write it down, it's not quite as riveting as I'd remembered.
  2. I am the brother who counts good.
  3. I had to do some googling and it appears I am some sort of partially-drawn cartoon spaceduck. Best guess is my creator drew my head, body, hands and feet and took a snackbreak, then came back and said 'Fuck it, that's enough'
  4. Forgive me Eliza, I really mean I am REALLY new here, to the extent that I did not even notice the "like" button. Last time I was semi-active on ANY forum, it was on a site about fishing off of piers and I was a very different man. Oh, the stories I could tell!
  5. Thanks for the scuttlebutt! I did get the Howl account so I'm 2/3 there, all I need is an iPhone.
  6. Hello. New to Earwolf Forums, and new to Hollywood Handbook. I've been a longtime listener of CBB, Improv4humans, Andy Daly among others, but for some reason did not know HH was funny. Now that I noticed I have been binge-listening, going back and forth btwn the oldest eps, the newest eps, and the in betweenest. I'm curious: how do people submit questions for the hosts and/or guests??
  7. raymand


    I wish for Scott and Jason to 1. switch heads, then 2. switch bodies, and 3. tell us what it was like.
  8. Congrats on 100 episodes, I loooove the World's Best Podcast Improv4humans!!!