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    Episode 57 — Saving Trondoor

    It sounded like the intervention didn't exactly go as planned. ahahahahhaaa, wonderful roll playing. i felt uncomfortable just listening to Mildred get stonewalled and then the rest of the group just moving on.
  2. arctycfox

    Character Drawings

    hey Rashid, this list is awesome. Is there a way to add to it or make it into a different thread on here? I think it would be great to add skills into each character section. Like Damien mentioned that his Charisma is 14 in 2nd Edition in the most recent episode. Thanks for all the hard work and I'm sure re-listening to all those episodes was pretty awesome.
  3. arctycfox

    Episode 54 — Wolf Whisper

    This is all I could think about whenever Sark did Trogdore's voice. Awesome episode! It isn't long and after listening to the episode it is certainly worth a click over.
  4. arctycfox

    Episode 52 — I Would Walk 500 Miles

    Dude, Promote yourself. that one piece is epic, and I want to see more!
  5. arctycfox

    Episode 52 — I Would Walk 500 Miles

    Thanks for getting a few episodes logged so we could have something to listen to over thanksgiving week! Love this show every week.
  6. arctycfox

    Episode 51 — Star Chart

    "Half elf, half elephant." Missed that the first time around.
  7. arctycfox

    Episode 51 — Star Chart

    The Primeval world sounded like a cool option but I kind of think they should have gone back to the Gas Planet. Having Mildred Mirror Battle herself would have been fucking cool!
  8. arctycfox

    Episode 49 — Battle Bot

  9. arctycfox

    Episode 49 — Battle Bot

    Knowing Sark from Halo streams and all the Machinima stuff and Youtube stuff before rediscovering him on BPandF and hearing the crew doubt he could "keep up" in the LAN parties is great. Another awesome episode. Just got two more people from my work to start listening and so far they love it. Keep it up!!!
  10. arctycfox

    Episode 128 — Midwives

    The woman they are talking about in the first two minutes is my friend, that is so awesome. She is a true Blastronanaut and the reason I listen to the show and now I will forever call her A-wo-manda. Funny as always!
  11. arctycfox

    Episode 46 — The New Guy

    holy shit. Sark just responded to my comment. life accomplished.
  12. arctycfox

    Episode 48 — Priest of Judas

    Bringing in the new guy was funny and it felt like every time I attempt to get people to listen to Nerd Poker. "So they were abducted and then they went to a water world and then a cloud city with gasbags and now they are in a death tower on a planet made of skulls" yeah, sounds legitimate to me.
  13. arctycfox

    Episode 47 — The Big Chamber

    the civil war idea (Dragonapolis!!!) of all of their home worlds being under attack by people under the control of the necromancer reminds me of the plotlines from LOTR when the character's homelands are under attack but they still have to get their job done. A "cleansing of the shire" would be a great way to actually get to see Glennishmoore and lots of other places and maybe get to go back to the Gasbag planet as well.
  14. arctycfox

    Episode 46 — The New Guy

    I guess what I meant was having them list their new skills out a bit more formally since they all had to choose new/modified skills and attacks when they did the switch. The PDF idea is something that I will look into for sure but the sheer volume of skills is wild.
  15. arctycfox

    Episode 46 — The New Guy

    Can't wait to see brian's new character! I think it would be cool since the characters switched to Second edition if they went through their character stats like they did in the first few episodes. It would give me a better idea of what the difference between "magic missile" and "Eldritch blast" are for Blackie Greene's character. anyone else thinking about that?
  16. arctycfox

    Character Drawings

  17. arctycfox

    Episode 168 — She Rabbi

    I would say this was one of my favorite episodes so far but there is an ongoing investigation so..... .
  18. arctycfox

    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    Oh this episode!!! Sark really loves to DM and it shows. While it isn't the job of the DM to kill the characters he certainly doesn't make them survive a botched roll or silly mistake like some DM's I have had in the past who would have fudged a roll to make Amarth survive. Can't wait to see the fan art for this one!
  19. arctycfox

    Episode 44 — Limp Butt

    There are certain spoiler type questions and comments in my post. please don't read it unless you have listened to the Episode already. you have been warned. Did anyone else think that the semi-conscious guy was trying to write a message to the players but was then controlled by the creepy old guy to write something else? I missed this the first time around but during my second listen it seems like the guy dips into his own bloodwell (inkwell, but full of blood, get it?) and is forming words on the floor. He then pauses and the word that Sark describes is different than what he was originally going to write as if he intended to write the solution to the problem but then was controlled (like Mildred a few episodes ago) by the Old Geezer to write a message that throws off the party. If he were originally trying to spell something (minute 57 is where Blackie asks him to become his own sharpie) "save my wi" is changed to "save my world" and then they ask how and he responds "Kill the World" but Sark makes it "Kill the Women" and then Sark even mentions that he is able to control people who have an attachment to him. Thanks for reading and am interested in hearing if anyone else heard it that way. Also, awesome description of the hooks that were joined in the middle of that guys body.