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    Episode 46 — The New Guy

    I definitely agree that the story is great, and since I only have one friend who would ever care about starting a RPG with me, I get some vicarious pleasure out of that alone. I think they're funny enough that it doesn't bother me, though. Maybe they're just used to how good Sark is. Or they don't think we'll be entertained with the story by itself. This is just why we need Brian back in here. Sark seems to want the edge-of-your-seat cliff hangers. Brian seems to understand I'll come back without them, and I want to know what was on the screen, darn it!
  2. StealthMidget

    Character Drawings

    The only things I know about D&D I learned from Counter Monkey and Nerd Poker, so sorry if this was completely non-canon
  3. StealthMidget

    Character Drawings

    Sorry. Just a paper and pencil cartoonist, but last week's episode forced me to dust off the old computer tablet and create a forum account. Had to get this out of my system. So many beautiful renditions of these guys, though!
  4. StealthMidget

    Episode 45 — The Posehn Stroke

    You will be missed, Meat Man *plays Amazing Grace on her kazoo*