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  1. Hey humons! Besser is putting together the next best-of improv4humans and needs YOUR input! Vote for your favorite scenes from the list below. You can vote for up to two scenes from each category, so just list your favorites in your post! We'll compile the vote for Crap on YouTube #166 - Deranged Penguin (Encounters at the End of the World) – A comedienne’s dead penguin material (1:07:10) #168 - “Stuck on an Elevator with a Crazy Person” – Breaking into an elevator that hasn’t been used since Prohibition (41:40) #181 – Snitches Get Stitches - Cantaloupe fucking (1:17:14) #193 – Idiot Uncle Ruins Nephew’s Birthday – Uncle takes joke at birthday party too far (58:39) #184 - “Let me Bang, Bro”- Let me bang/Transition zone/Aliens and Humans on a Train (1:11:09) #190 - Delight Wipes - Postcoital Mess (17:41) #180 - Stop! This is not a DVD - Groundhog Day movie hat (1:00:06) #171 - “A Drunk Woman Explains her Love of Monster Trucks” - Datin’ each other’s cousins (1:05:16) #172 - “It’s Only Snow, Alan!”- Coincidences with Shaq (43:43) # 171 - “Argument on a New York City Bus” - Accidentally intervening in arguments (30:20) #152 - High-pitched voice theory of Neanderthals – Shrill Neanderthals debate their voices (56:20) #188 - “Mother Outraged. Daughter asked to perform naked in art class” - Nude final (33:49) #170 - “Mary Carillo's Badminton Rant” - The stuck boomerang (29:36) #82 – “I am a Gamer” – Mother confronts gamer son about his obsession (38:12) #42 – “Eat da Poo Poo” – Anti-vegetarians meet to harass vegetarians (28:33) #128 – “Eye to Eye with Katie Couric: Being a Hand Model” – Hand model expects nothing but the best at restaurant (29:33) Twitter Suggestion #147 – Morrissey – Gangbangers show off their My Little Ponies (45:17) #154 – Grasshopper – Live theatre with dead bodies (31:32) #173 - Oxidation - Dead reality star boosts ratings (1:09:09) #171 - Anxiety - Offensive dentist (8:32) #174 - Sailboat – Fork salesmen accused of molesting children (45:28) #168 - Mural – Choose your own adventure mural (22:47) #24.5 – Twitter Suggestion – Boogers – Distraction Baby (0:32) Let’s Talk Some More About That #187 - The Little Mermaid song - Ariel the Mermaid shows interest in humans/gets raped (1:08:55) #189 - Some movies are best experienced in entirety, not clips - Biblical miniseries trailers (1:12:29) #178 - Wanting freedom while in a relationship - Bad jokes ruin relationships (34:43) #189 - Shipping - Tween Gay News (23:46) What is Bothering You? #150 – (Also Confrontation Corner) Jim Parsons winning another Emmys – Don Cheadle tries to convince Ben to vandalize Jim Parsons’ car (41:23) #191 - Artists who are expected to apologize for their work if some are offended - Demanding apology from comedian (1:02:03) What the Fuck is Going on? #160 - Swatting hoax targets gamers – Funky Kong (15:14) #191 - Goggles may be needed for porn to prevent STDs – Trying to smoothly work goggles into porn shoot (35:01) #160 - Grandmothers scammed over the phone – Getting to the bottom of a grandma scam (59:45) Intro Story #184 - Gabrus smokes in hotel and gets paranoid about fire alarm - Pink eye pot/Clit’s Alive (33:04) #165 - Falling/Offensive statements - Trying to remember offensive comments after being in a coma (0:00) #188 - Neil on Jeopardy - Tourist isn’t fan of trip to the moon (0:47) #168 - Thomas The Milkman enjoys eggnog – Roommates explain enormous and unhealthy meals to neighbor (1:26) Question from Listener #155 - What was the worst thing you’ve ever said to someone while drunk or high? – Friends confess disturbing secrets at book club (20:30) #173 - What was your shittiest job before getting into comedy? - Telemarketer speaks to an autobot family/chases hologram lover (10:10) #147 - What’s the best first date you’ve had? – First date meets at Pitch Blacks restaurant (1:05:30) #170 – What is your favorite childhood picture? - Picture day (11:30) #170 - When did you realize your parents weren’t amazing? - Ungrateful grandpa/Gunsmoke (22:58) Improv4Humans Movie Review #187 – Dumbo/ mean, older elephants - Gossipy elephants in the circus (57:02) #189 - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Humans discuss a response to apes’ ultimatum (0:12) Audience Story #175 – Something only you like - Specific predilections meeting (53:50)
  2. Greetings humons! It's time to vote for your favorite scenes for the next BEST OF improv4humans! Vote for UP TO FIVE of your favorite scenes! Kevin the intern's intern has painstakingly created an episode guide to help you find your favorites, which I have attached! VOTE NOW! -Thomas the Intern Improv4Humans 2015 Archive 1.pdf
  3. Greetings humons! NPR is making a list of recommended podcasts, so please take a second and recommend i4h! Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rU4OrwzCvNtDwuot1Lq8KHktA3hS4bhnZl2kG-rQUhY/viewform Thank you! Thomas "The Milkmon"
  4. Greetings fellow humons! It's that time of year again- AV Club has opened voting for their annual Readers' Poll! If you enjoyed i4h as much as I did this year, please take a moment and vote for the GREATEST PODCAST IN THE UNIVERSE! http://www.avclub.com/bonus/best-of-2014-readers-poll-podcasts/ Thanks! Thomas the Intern
  5. Hello humans! Matt Besser is looking for a Mississippi-based i4h listener to call in to the show! If you think you've got what it takes to passionately defend Mississippi on-air, please get in touch with me! You can post here, or email me directly! Thomas the intern thouellette@gmail.com
  6. The video is out! The bonus cut part starts at 1:22:25
  7. This segment is one of the highlights of my time so far at improv4humans. I called Doug myself the day before, and never expected that he would agree to be on the show, but he was totally game as long as I promised there would be "no funny business" during the interview. I loved having a guy straight out of one of the most interesting YouTube videos of 2013 come on the show and defend his behavior to Matt. His constant namedropping ("Franklin Roosevelt was my grandmother's neighbor") and odd pronunciations ("let music be the food of love") were simultaneously bizarre and hilarious. Couple that with Paul Rust silently gesturing with his finger and making faces the entire time Doug was explaining himself, and I could barely keep it together. Enjoy the clip! https://soundcloud.c...trumpet-fighter Thomas the Intern EDIT: here's the original video of the trumpet fight!
  8. ThomasOOO

    Episode 105 — Zombie Lisp

    This wasn't a VPN episode, but I assume that the VPN episode that was recorded last week(with Zach Woods and a bunch of other improvisers) will be released soon.
  9. Announcing the improv4humans STEALTH SUBSCRIPTION CHALLENGE! We all know humans who own computers with iTunes. Roommates, coworkers, boy and girlfriends, aunts, etc. - the one thing they have in common is that they all own computers with iTunes software! The problem is that these humans are not all subscribed to improv4humans on their iTunes, which is preventing us from claiming our rightful title as the GREATEST PODCAST IN THE UNIVERSE! YOU are now STEALTH SUBSCRIPTION CHALLENGED to to use your powers of stealth to gain access to the computers of your friends and family and subscribe to i4h. Get on those laptops, PCs, and tablet devices. Push the subscribe button. Hide your smirk when this subscription wreaks HAVOC on your loved ones' lives. Get to work, and then use this thread to report your exploits out in the field! We'll share the best, stealthiest stories on the podcast. -Thomas the Intern
  10. ThomasOOO

    a special thread for thomas

    Greggy, I'm not sure if that shout out was a good idea or not. Now that I think about it, it was almost definitely a bad idea. I will probably not be giving shout outs anymore unless I have very good reason. Thanks Foam Corner! I'd never met Eric before so that was cool. He's a great guy.
  11. ThomasOOO

    Episode 104 — A Hotel Tell

    Gotta find my straw!
  12. ThomasOOO

    Episode 104 — A Hotel Tell

    Yes! Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3NOPZbKDfM It goes live at 6pm PST, featuring Zach Woods and a bunch of other guests!