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    The Identical (2014)

    It sounds hilarious, here is a funny review of it.
  2. NigelDungan

    Episode 85 — Color of Night

    I think that part is only in the extended version.
  3. NigelDungan

    Episode 85 — Color of Night

    I think everyone did.
  4. NigelDungan

    Episode 85 — Color of Night

    I saw the 2 h 20 m version also and while I didn't think the movie was very good I didn't have a hard time following the plot or the motivations at all. I'm surprised they didn't talk about my favourite part of the movie. The parking garage scene where the car is about 4 floors higher than Bruce Willis yet is able to stalk him. There is no way in the hell the driver of that car would have been able to see Bruce Willis during this scene. Also in the UK the word "color" is spelled "colour" yet the dvd of this movie is called "Color Of Night" in the UK meaning the title is spelled wrong over here. http://www.movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=82693 If you go to the above website it shows you all the differences between the directors cut and the regular cut. There is a scene where he goes to an eye doctor and explains his color blindness so at least that part is explained better in the directors cut.
  5. The company are lucky that the one person that messed around with a mask and ended up getting killed by a laser just happened to be so near by.
  6. What about A Bay Of Blood? That pre dates Halloween and has a group of teenagers running of the have sex only to be slaughtered.
  7. This movie is just insane, it has a psycho running around with a big guitar with a drill sticking out the end of it drilling people as he sings and dances. Nothing is explained, the "teenagers" look like they are about 25. I really feel that someone was high on something when making this.
  8. NigelDungan


    Really stupid movie here, three people are trapped inside an ATM while a killer waits outside for them. The first plot hole shows it's face when they decided to park about 50 feet away from the ATM in a deserted car park, why? Also it has one of the stupidest twist endings I've ever seen, it makes no sense and is not explained at all.