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    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    Boy, do I ever feel ashamed of myself for stating my dislike for Pete Holmes. I love this show and will continue to listen until it's done. That said, you'd think Scott would have a thicker skin at this point. I absoLUTEly love Tim Heidecker's brand of awkward, poo-pooing "anti-humor". Dude plays angry very well. I always feel very uncomfortable (in a good way) with his disdain at being interviewed and contradicted. Anyway, for a guy with a very successful podcast and TV show, I'm just surprised Scott hasn't had to deal with internet haters before. Or maybe this is the first time it's bothered him enough to be vocal about it. The debates about criticism are interesting. Personally I find this forum to be very civil in its feedback.
  2. kizik

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    Eh, I don't think anyone "hates" Pete. (BTW, that was me who said he constantly brings convos with his guests back to himself and his own eccentricities. For an interview show, YMIW is surprisingly all about Pete. But whatever. Same thing could be said for Maron at times.) I feel that so-called "comics" who aren't funny, aren't collaborative and are actively grating need to be called out. He's self-admittedly egocentric (Chelsea clip, hilarious) Apparently some people like him; I find nothing to like. Not trying to beat dead horses. Anyway that's all I got. CBB rules.
  3. kizik

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    I think you are far too kind and forgiving and clever. I think Pete's a spaz who can't handle playing second fiddle, even for an hour. Hopefully his talk show is better than this appearance.
  4. kizik

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    Highly doubtful. Holmes is just as self-centered and annoying on all his podcasts and appearances. If Scott's intention was to have on an annoying guest, well it worked. 100% successful. Now let me hear a CBB episode where one guest doesn't try to derail the entire episode.
  5. kizik

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    Pete would genuinely be funny if he let his material land, and wasn't so insistent on being the first one to laugh at it. But don't be "crushed". You're right, the guy is a host. He's not an improviser, which is a huge part of CBB. It makes sense that he has his own show, since basically in his mind, it's all The Pete Holmes Show. Guy needs some humility. In all the episodes I've listened to of YMIW, it all comes back to him. What he thinks. What he does. It's boring. And no one likes someone who talks that much about themselves. Not trying to be mean. I'm just completely over Holmes after this episode. He needs to CALM. DOWN. and listen to people.
  6. kizik

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    I absolutely love CBB. Unfortunately the guests can be hit or miss. Pete Holmes is a total miss. I've been on the fence about You Made It Weird for a while now, because Holmes breaks the cardinal rule of comedy (at least to me): don't laugh at yourself. Pete Holmes thinks Pete Holmes is hilarious. He is not. Between his laugh, bad impressions (intentionally bad... I get it) and overly verbose, interrupting style... I have no clue how this guy got his own show. Sorry Pete. You're not funny. You can practically hear the disdain dripping from Scott's tongue. Good job staying professional Scott. I could tell Pete was annoying you. See you Thursday or next week CBB!