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  1. ExStepdad

    Episode 317 — Tash.2

    Dreama's "<dramatic pause> ahhYessssssssssssAA" anding was amazing. I almost had my hip bone shot off a few times during this ep.
  2. I lost it at Herzog's throwaway about 'the DB Cooper of bears'.
  3. ExStepdad

    Episode 169.5 — Sklarbro County 74

    FYI, the opening of the Snuggle House has unfortunately been postponed - http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/60-an-hour-squeezes-will-have-to-wait-for-madisons-snuggle-house-b99123026z1-228363191.html "If they're snuggling with somebody who gets aroused and wants more, what do they have in place to deal with that? Because that's going to happen, there's no doubt about it."
  4. ExStepdad

    Episode 250 — Podcast Silence

    People, can we please get back to the real point of this podcast? - the new Stamps.com ad! Best one yet. This ep should have been titled 'The most important part of your fingers'.