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  1. Oh crraaaaap! Since I found out about this ^ I got to interview Greg! It's here if you wanna check it out http://www.gooddaysandcliches.com/2013/11/greg-sestero-aka-mark-from-room.html
  2. alkaline_13

    Space Jam (1996)

    I haven't watched this since I saw it upon its release in the cinema and I refuse to believe it's anything but the classic I remember
  3. Greg is touring with the documentary/doing a book signing. Going to meet him next month. LITERALLY more excited about this than any band that I've seen in the last 2 years
  4. alkaline_13

    Shoot 'em Up (2007)

    And there's at least one carrot-based pun!
  5. alkaline_13

    Vampire's Kiss (1988)

    This has been on my personal bad movie list for a while now, so I'm throwing my considerable influence behind this campaign! I'll have to watch it first though, I like to have seen the movie to get the most out of the podcast