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  1. *sob*

    I also wanted to like this so much, I LOVE PFT, but I’ve finally dove in and... I can’t stand co-hosts/guests laughing uncontrollably at the show they’re on. The stuff with the moustache’s on the cookies at the beginning was moderately amusing, which is perfect, and a great way to warm me up for the main show. But the person laughing in the background seemed stoned or something. Laughing hard into the microphone at every. single. sentence. It’s exactly what I’d expect from an amateur podcast where everyone is new and nervously giggling at everything because THEY’RE ON A PODCAST!

    (You see this with brand new improv teams, too, where every members laughs heartily at everything their teammates say because they CAN’T BELIEVE THEY’RE ON STAGE!)

    Anyway, I feel like an awful grump for coming here and posting this. I’m glad so many people enjoyed it. I just can’t take people laughing at *everything* that’s being said. It’s like sandpaper to my ears, and wanted to read that I’m not the only one. 

    But apparently I am :(

  2. What? You you're not recording? Well hurry up and fix it, you moron. Are you ready yet? This is ridiculous. Don't you know who I am? I'm Scott Auckerman. The listeners need to hear me. Hurry up or I'll make sure you never intern in this town again. Ready? Good. Hi, this is Scott Auckerman and welcome to Comedy Bing Bong. Damnit!

  3. This is my last Comedy Bang Bang show before I hand over hosting duties to EarWolf forum member, JohnnyWalker. He has no show hosting abilities whatsoever, and I really don't want to do this, but I have to keep reading this catchphrase submission and unfortunately this is a legally binding statement that I, Scott Auckerman, fully endorse being of sound body and mind and will not contest in any court of law. Oh no! What have I done?

  4. I should probably say before we begin that I just accidentally insulted all of today's guests. I'm very sorry everyone. They are still looking at me quite angrily, I'm afraid. They're all professionals, and have agreed to go on, but this may be their last appearances. Some nodding. Oh dear. And I should just clarify that, no, this isn't a catchphrase suggestion.

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  5. Oh man. That could have been amazing. Adomian was brilliant, but Garlin (as much as I like him) doesn't know how to improv with other people. That was painful. So much amazingness blocked by Garlin at every turn, undermining Scott and James. Ruined Huel's farewell for me. Huel should have dominated the episode, not had to deal with a grumpy guest who refused and blocked every suggestion. Very sad :(/>


    James's final serious tribute was lovely though.