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    no 4e bleeeh
  1. Bad Wizard

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Errr Drunks & dragons.. somehting like that...er.. Drunks and Dragons Wiki eh not the best but a good group that plays over Skypeie i believe.
  2. Bad Wizard

    Knights of Badassdom

    Bah Larpers...... You'll get my dice from my cold dead hands.....
  3. Bad Wizard


    yup. Did the same thing here buddy. ive not listened for 3 weeks to build up to a great "Release". When i do. yup
  4. Bad Wizard

    Episode 59 — The Tunnel to Glinishmore

    :::::::points at Sark::::: Hahahaha
  5. Bad Wizard

    Episode 59 — The Tunnel to Glinishmore

    HAHAHAHa slow motion vampire
  6. Bad Wizard

    A non D&D-er confused about the most basic rolls

    negatory ever 2 points over 10 in an ability score gives a +1 modifier Ex 12 +1 14 +2 16+3 ect....
  7. Bad Wizard

    Nerd Poker RPG Game Finder

    Hey posting to put this back on the main page.
  8. Bad Wizard

    Other RPG's

    Swedish folklore is hard core.
  9. Bad Wizard

    Episode 58 — Change of Scenery

    I enjoyed Blains Jefferson starship White rabbit spin off. very nice
  10. Bad Wizard

    Character Drawings

    Ha Sark/Bruce Willis i missed it the first time. Classic. OOh i live show. And it is based in LA... Hmmm.... Oh and to make everyone mad its 63 degree here at 0141 in the morning..... just thought id share.
  11. Bad Wizard

    Drunken Roll Play

    I listened to that on your website a long time ago classic.
  12. Bad Wizard

    No new episode this week? 01/08/14

    Nah Dwarven flu shots cause Gnomisium
  13. Bad Wizard

    Other RPG's

  14. Bad Wizard

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Glad your trying DnD but 4th..... ugg.. 2nd ed all the way. T.H.A.C.O. do i need to say more.
  15. Bad Wizard

    Is anyone else liking Damien more than Amarth?

    Thanks man, i believe you are correct as well.